Music of the Week #394


Seasonal sickness kicked my ass a bit too hard and I was distracted for the entirety of the weekend. Jojo is done but it just needs pictures so it’ll be up tomorrow. Aside from that, I just need to get back on track with DMC5 since I’m finally over my Bloody Palace trauma after doing it three times because I tried to style a bit too hard. I have no clue how I’m going to go with V or even finish what I have left of Hell and Hell mode but I really should get my thoughts down before I forget. It’s a busy time for the next two weeks.

This week’s tune is the motif of Zero that you might recognize hearing from the opening. With a title like that, the theme is the quintessence of Lloyd’s personal journey throughout the Crossbell games. The mysterious circumstances with Guy’s death, the fiance he left behind, the unreachable gap between his one-of-a-kind detective skills are all something Lloyd hopes to set right and overcome. The sub-series focuses on Lloyd’s journey to bridge that gap between himself and his brother and is one of the core characteristics that really made him stand out from the other protagonists.