Music of the Week #392


Things are getting busy again unfortunately but I did get Date A Live out which only really leaves weekly jojo and DMC5 to continue working on. That being said, I binged watched Kaguya-sama over the weekend and I don’t really have much to say to warrant a full review, it was entertaining at least but I should probably get on with the manga.

Anyways, this week’s theme is a the tune the plays during the intermission chapter of the game shortly following the wildly fantastic Chapter 3. As the title describes, it involves walking around the town of Crossbell during the rain and it evokes a quiet and serene sense of tranquility. I feel as if Zero’s the strongest start a Trails game has had between FC and Cold Steel 1 and having such a tightly knit and focused group of characters contributes to a lot of that, even if Sky’s journey across the country was a whole other load of satisfying in a different way.