Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 25: Another Plane Down

I’ll admit, I completely forgot how Notorious BIG was beaten with Spice Girl’s ability and I guess that’s why I forgot, it wasn’t all that exciting. I also definitely thought the Boss was about to kill the cleaning lady too.

I am looking forward to one thing though, Risotto Nero is about to get his time to shine, as well as the Boss making his move. The difference is that the anime has given Risotto so much more screentime and presence than the manga so I imagine they want to do something with him a bit more than what the manga gave him.

Trish finds herself between the Giorno’s recovering hand in front of her and Notorious BIG behind her but making a move would result in her demise. Yet, Trish has steeled herself without knowing it to make a break for Giorno’s hand to save the crew. As she tries to come up with a course of action between her chaotic thoughts of self-preservation, the enemy stand lurches its way to Giorno’s hand. She accidentally presses the recline function on the airplane seat and BIG goes to attack it, and Trish figures out a way to safely approach the hand while keeping BIG distracted. However, she didn’t think things through enough to stop a beverage from the destroyed seat from splashing onto her leg that begins to make noise for BIG to move towards it. Trish panics but her boot slides off and from behind another seat her stand reveals herself. BIG assaults Trish through the seats but her stand’s abilities softens the seat and its elasticity stops BIG from piercing through, giving her a defense against the unstoppable stand. Trish makes a run for the cupboard door with Giorno’s hand, despite her stand’s advice. Trish is narrowly saved from BIG after her stand turns a ticking clock into an unbreakable elastic scapegoat and they’re able to make fend it off for the time being.

Trish takes a breather and some movement from the plane has Buccellati open the cockpit doors to check on the engines. Trish calmly states that she’s got something to say but Buccellati is more concerned of what’s behind her and quickly realizes that’s wrong with the engines. As BIG fell deeper into the plane, it began to consume the engines and the plane started to lose altitude. Trish makes a dash for the cockpit to join the others and has Spice Girls apply elasticity towards the door. Trish states that they need to get off the plane and applies her powers to their side of the plane as BIG tears the rest apart. Using the elasticized room, the crew is able to parachute themselves out of the falling plane but a piece of BIG has already stuck itself onto Abbacchio. Buccellati thinks over on how to safely get over this enemy stand attack and finally comes to the conclusion that giving up one of his arms is the only way they’ll make it. Trish however states that that won’t be necessary as she elasticizes Sticky Fingers’ hands as it drops to the sea below with BIG still on it. Thankfully with Giorno’s budding hand secured, the team is able to make their power moves again and the team is restored to full as they continue their journey to Sardinia.

Elsewhere, the Boss sifts through his computer files and documents looking over his own history and deduces that Carne’s attack on the traitors have been foiled. He comes across one damning piece of evidence towards his identity, a picture of his wife that he took personally many years ago that Abbacchio’s Moody Blue could potentially uncover. The Boss is furious but his anger has the local room service check in on his room but the Boss King Crimsons himself out of the location as he declares he must hunt down the traitors himself.

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