Music of the Week #391

Still a ways to go

DMC5 needs to be written up and during all that time, I just noticed that the season ended. Thankfully Part 5 goes on for another season and I don’t think I’ve seen something else for me to watch but I haven’t given it a serious look either. I actually do have one seasonal show to cover so I’ll be working on that along with DMC5.

Looking ahead on music coverage, Cold Steel 3 was announced like 2-3 months ago and I didn’t really acknowledge it and I’m looking forward to the chance I really get to talk about Coldsteel in general because talking about something that I have actual criticisms about is sometimes more engaging than singing praises all the time. But speaking of singing praises, this is one of the other standout themes for me that I immediately looked up on YT to hear more of after I first heard it. It’s one of the other overworld tunes, specifically leaving to the west roads of Crossbell towards the gate bordering Erebonia as well as the police academy.