Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 24: Big Poppa

You just know if the Jojo crew get on a plane that it’s going to be trouble. Confined space fights for the absolute win, but I can tell you right now that train fights will always be better than airplanes.

If I remember correctly, Part 5 is going to share the same episode count as Part 4 so we’ve got 15 episodes left, with around two fights to go that’s not including this one before we reach the rather lengthy end-game. Oh, and I guess we can’t forget the Rolling Stones epilogue either so we’re not in shortage of episodes to cover all of that.

Buccellati goes over the crew’s current plans, with them making it out of Venice alive, their objective is to reach Sardinia by taking a small jet to their location. So as long as they get a plane in the air, no stand would be able to keep up with them at the speeds they’ll reach. At the airport, Giorno uses Gold Experience to find a suitable plane with no one on it for them to use and Abbacchio prepares to fly the plane using Moody Blues. Narancia, Giorno, and Mista keep watch outside as the plane prepares to leave and the two encounter a suspicious figure moving close to them. Mista immediately pops him with bullets and Giorno confirms a kill, but is suspicious at how simple the encounter was. While skeptical, the crew get on the plane as it takes to the sky and Giorno hears some mysterious noises coming from the freezer. Giorno asks Mista to ready his gun in the case his overthinking nature got the better of him and they both open the freezer to find not an enemy stand, but some pieces of flesh. Buccellati is called over to simply throw the severed fingers out of the plane. Giorno thinks to himself and is amused by some of the light graffiti on the plane’s walls but then as the graffiti becomes a bit more prominent, and seemingly communicating to Giorno, he learns that the stand Notorious B.I.G is tailing them somehow.

Suddenly, meaty growths appear on Giorno’s hand and starts to take over his entire arm. Giorno calls for his stand but it’s attacks are ineffective and Gold Experience begins to get consumed as well. Seeing no alternative, Mista blasts the growth and subsequently severs Giorno’s infected arm. The enemy stand continues to move as Sex Pistols becomes infected by them as well. Giorno tries to process on how this remote stand functions while Narancia tries to attack it from afar with Aerosmith. Trish’s panic however prompts BIG to move towards her and Giorno quickly uses his stand to punch the wall, re-directing the stand back to Gold Experience’s hand. Giorno sees that the BIG responds to movement and he opens the window to try and detach his one remaining arm to have the stand fall off the plane. Buccellati however demands that his arm be sacrificed instead as Giorno losing both arms will cripple the team’s healing capabilities. Nonetheless, Giorno’s arm is ripped off and BIG falls off the plane.

Buccellati is gravely worried with two of his combatants crippled and the team’s only method of healing unable to do so and moves the team into the turtle for safety. Trish is further worried at the state of affairs so soon after leaving Venice. As she further contemplates on the situation, she sees a passing shadow by the plane’s wings from the window and sure enough, BIG is back for Round 3. Trish panics but sees that one of Giorno’s brooches is forming fingers and figures out that Giorno had planned ahead and infused his brooch to create a new hand for himself. Trish is now forced to somehow rectify this situation and get the hand to Giorno.

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