Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 23: Playing Chicken

Every episode and I realize how close we are to the ending. There’s only two more fights to really cover before we get our lengthy final battle which can basically be summarized as two fights to begin with. Actually, no, there’s Nero we need to see too.

Every fight with Mista involves him getting shot with his own bullets while Narancia’s enemies seem to always find a creative use for blood. Then again, Ghihaccio did that too. Anyways, despite me loving the Clash’s abilities, I never did find myself liking this fight all too much, even if this fight is something I have better memory of compared to Oasis and Green Day coming up later.

Giorno gets wrecked by Clash but is still able to gasp for air, allowing Narancia to track Clash’s movements all around the bathroom in an attempt to free him from the stand’s bite. Narancia accidentally shoots Giorno a bit before his body gets dragged somewhere else and Narancia shouts at how the enemy stand was able to get away. Squalo laughs but Tiziano realized that Narancia actually just shouted something “true” while under the effects of Talking Head. The moment’s hesitation allows Narancia to pinpoint Giorno’s location and land a couple good rounds into Clash, injuring Squalo in the process. While this is going on, Moody Blues fits itself into a glass of water but is unable to continue playing the scene as Abbacchio surmises that the enemy stand must be able to teleport around. Clash’s limitations become apparent when the injuries slow its teleportation speeds and Narancia is able to pinpoint its next jump. Eventually Clash lets go of its bite on Giorno and both fall onto the kitchen floor but Narancia makes a miscalculation in his assault as Squalo had planned for the fight to take place in the kitchen to make use of the boiling pots of water and the gas stove to mess up Narancia’s accuracy.

Narancia is unfazed and just rams the propeller onto Clash, slicing it up a bit. The stand is incapacitated for a bit and Narancia finds himself able to speak freely and calls in the other members to his location as he checks on Giorno. Narancia tries to explain what happened to the others, only for Talking Head to reactivate again to deceive the others. Mista points at Clash and Talking Head prompts him to fire, only for the gun’s ignition to light up the whole room in fire. Giorno is soon taken away as he leaves one of his brooches on the floor and Clash attacks the team with all the water vapor in the air. Narancia makes a gamble to leave he building to track down the enemy stand users on foot as the latter are trying to relocate and treat Squalo’s accumulated wounds. Out in the open, Narancia follows the patterns of oxygen in the air to try and find someone breathing really heavily and enemy duo find Narancia running around near them as they descend some stairs.

Narancia exclaims that he found his targets and Squalo tenses up in fear and breathes harder. Tiziano realizes and explains that Narancia is bluffing to try and gauge the momentary heavy breathing to intimidate them and incur more heavy breathing. Narancia says it again, only this time, he cuts off his own tongue and Tiziano is the one that panics where he sees his Talking Head be rendered useless. This becomes the biggest giveaway and Narancia finally zeroes in on the enemy duo now that he confirmed Tiziano to be breathing real hard in response to Narancia’s tongue being cut off, which Giorno had preemptively prepared with his life-giving brooch. Narancia prepares to strike and Squalo is unable to form Clash without a nearby source of water so Tiziano decides to take the bullets for his partner in order for his blood to be utilized. Squalo retaliates in heated vengeance and while Clash strikes at Narancia’s neck, he toughs it out and sends Squalo flying as well. Giorno and Narancia make their way back to the crew where they take the boat out of Venice to board a plane to reach Sardinia.

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