Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 22: Clash at Venezia

Did they seriously fucking use Tsuda’s voice for Tiziano? This freaking clown? Just when I was thinking how much I would love to hear Tsuda’s voice again after his work with Bruford years back, now I get this?

I’m actually really upset by that. If you remember what I spoke earlier about the latter half of Part 5, I didn’t have too have many good things to say and while the combination of powers is pretty interesting with Clash and Talking Head, I don’t think too many fights really match the intensity of either Grateful Dead/Beach Boy and White Album.

The crew take a quick breather to get some food before they hear Buccellati’s resolve in trying to find a way to defeat the boss by discovering the identity he’s trying so hard to keep secret. However, their leads are non-existent but it is Trish who reveals that the place where her mother and the boss met was Sardinia, and the crew make their preparations. Narancia spills some wine on some thug and his aggression prompts Narancia, Mista, and Abbacchio to beat the pulp out of him before they realize they just beat up an ordinary gangster. As the crew finish up their light meal, Narancia ponders at how Trish was willing to help them but then notices something in his soup and finds that his spoon had been bitten off. Narancia quickly destroys his bowl of soup, which alerts the others and they get on the defensive. The crew don’t find anything to be amiss but Narancia states that something in his soup was moving but he then he gets attacked by the bit of soup in his spoon and gets half of his tongue ripped off. Narancia frantically points at how the enemy stand is moving through bodies of water but he is unable to speak and Giorno helps form a new tongue for Narancia while they poke a hole through his neck to let him breathe.

Elsewhere, we see the incredibly close partners of Squalo and Tiziano, where the former’s stand Clash was unable to eliminate the traitors in one go and now they must work together to eliminate them all. They decided to use Narancia to deliver unto them their final judgments. Back with the crew, Giorno asks what Narancia saw but they find that Narancia is spouting out contradictory information. Nobody takes Narancia seriously and Buccellati announces that they need to get a move on and prepares everyone to get back on the boat. Narancia is unable to vocalize what he actually wants to say and he realizes in horror that the team moving into a bigger body of water allows Clash to form into a larger entity.

Narancia quickly tries and leads his team into the bathroom as he realizes that there are two stands at work. Abbacchio brings out Moody Blues to see how the enemy looks like and Narancia realizes that being around water is a bad news and starts acting weird to get them out of the bathroom. Narancia’s ramblings and eccentricities gets the team to leave and Giorno gets the right idea that is Narancia under the effects of a stand. Narancia previously shot up parts of the wall with Aerosmith and Giorno homes in on the idea that Narancia is unable to speak freely but the water leaking from the bullet holes eventually forms a puddle, which creates a window for Clash to attack Giorno.

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