Music of the Week #388

Done but

So that FGO post is done, but I just need some images to throw it up when I get the chance. I also feel the utter obligation to talk about DMC5 in its own post since I need to organize my own thoughts on it after waiting for so long. It’s not like it’s gonna be that comprehensive or insinuate its that heavily flawed but just a few nitpicks coming from a loyal fan of the franchise who waited a good chunk of his life to play it.

Anyways, this week’s theme is definitely one that sticks out in my mind due to its primary association with the Founder’s Festival event that occurs in Zero no Kiseki’s Chapter 3. Zero’s Chapter 3 is bar-none the best Chapter 3 in the entire series and probably the strongest individual chapter overall with how it covers only 3 days worth of events yet has a ton of scenes worth remembering and one of the most movie-like chapter endings the series ever had. While you could say Chapters 0-2 were pretty formulaic and baseline-setting as any other Trails game, Zero’s takes the cake.