Music of the Week #387

This is a test

So my tardiness already gives away how busy I was this week but there’s two parts to this. First off, Devil May Cry 5 came out and I bought it at Friday and midnight and have been playing it since. The entire week before that was riddled with work and the likes so I could barely get anything out. Stressful times but it all paid off since DMC5 is absolutely fantastic, it’s easily the best gameplay wise out of any DMC game and the story is pretty fun but I don’t think it reaches the narrative quality of 3. One thing is for sure though, the fanservice levels are off the charts. Jojo is also doing a recap episode so no post for that. I’m not making promises but getting that FGO post I talked about since December might be the thing to do for myself this week if I’m not consumed into playing more DMC5.

Anyways, I’m late so let’s get right to it. Almost to play up that dramatic wait and fulfillment of DMC5, for me at least, take one of these build-up tracks from Zero.