Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 21: So that’s what it does

King Crimson is without a doubt the single-most infamous Stand in Jojo’s history that has elicited more “how does this work” questions in its readers more than anything else, be it joke or legitimate. The black and white panels of the manga didn’t necessarily provide the most comprehensible visuals to explain its powers but I feel that David Pro’s visuals have made it a lot easier to understand now.

But from hence forth, we’re now starting the second half of Part 5, and I’m smelling a new opening for next week.

A couple of moments before Buccellati got Kakyoin’d, Giorno and the gang waiting outside experience King Crimson’s time-skip ability. Giorno gets worried as his call to Buccellati gets cut and we return to the scene we were left with last week. Buccellati is impaled but has the energy to try and fight back after locking King Crimson’s hand still stabbed through his chest. King Crimson simply activates its ability to move out of his way and tears Buccellati down with a fierce chop. The Boss moves on and prepares to kill his daughter to end all ties leading back to him but Buccellati finds the will to get back on his feet but the brooch Giorno gave him activates and a new stand-wielding turtle is born from the other one’s cells to drag King Crimson and Diavolo inside its stand and Buccellati attempts to escape up the steps with the unconscious Trish. To his horror, the Boss is already on the stairs and anticipated Buccellati’s trick. Buccellati however doesn’t give in and makes yet another strike and King Crimsons uses its powers again to see into the future and read his movements. However, what King Crimson didn’t expect was that the attack was a feint, Buccellati was aiming to escape instead of fight back and he zips up the pillar to reach the upper floors.

Giorno, who entered the church out of concern finds a bloody Buccellati and the unconscious Trish and heals him. He then takes a look underneath the floors to see the basement floors and guesses that a violent confrontation must have went down for Buccellati of all people to be down. Buccellati however takes quite a while to come to his senses and Giorno hears a voice behind him to move on but Buccellati gets back up and tells him that they need to escape and get the crew together. The Boss creeps up near the zippered hole on floor to assault the duo but Giorno thinks fast and throws the laptop and cracks it, signaling the other crew members to meet up with them and the Boss backs down, knowing that he’ll put himself as risk if he went up against six stand users would have at least one of them see his face.

The crew make it back outside where Buccellati makes it clear that he has betrayed the boss and will continue to fight against him for here and tells his team that it is up to them to choose if they wish to join him. Fugo voices his disbelief that Buccellati would dare go against the organization but while Buccellati understands his folly, he wishes to live without lying to himself. Knowing that going against the boss means certain death, the crew is silent. Abbacchio agrees with Fugo’s statements but comes around, saying that he had nowhere to go in the first place and that he feels most at ease under Buccellati’s command. Mista makes the same decision, believing in Buccellati’s judgement and hoping to reap in the rewards of overthrowing the boss. Fugo and Narancia are left on the dock as the others prepare to head off. Narancia begs for Buccellati to give the order for him to join him but Buccellati refuses and demands Narancia to make this choice out of his own volition. The boat takes off, leaving a bewildered Fugo and shaking Narancia by the pier but as Narancia looks at Trish, he sees her bloody hand and help but know the feeling of being abandoned by those close to her and he frantically swims as he makes up his mind to join his team. The team now set off to find a way to defeat the boss, while Fugo stays behind.

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