Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 24: Big Poppa

You just know if the Jojo crew get on a plane that it’s going to be trouble. Confined space fights for the absolute win, but I can tell you right now that train fights will always be better than airplanes.

If I remember correctly, Part 5 is going to share the same episode count as Part 4 so we’ve got 15 episodes left, with around two fights to go that’s not including this one before we reach the rather lengthy end-game. Oh, and I guess we can’t forget the Rolling Stones epilogue either so we’re not in shortage of episodes to cover all of that.

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Music of the Week #390

Oh look at that

Look at me actually getting things written up for once. Now that leaves some stuff about DMC5 I want to talk about but that might take a little bit because I’m still trying to S-rank all the missions and I haven’t even touched Hell and Hell yet. I’ll try my best to work through it during the week and hopefully get it by the end of this week or early next week, if neither happens, then it might take a bit longer.

This week’s theme is a repeat of Jona’s theme from a couple weeks ago, the similar tune that plays during the visits to the B section of Geofront to confront Jona and his lazy attitudes cause his expertise is usually too good to look over his pigsty lifestyle.

The Deal with Fate Grand Order

My history with the Fate series starts as early as Fate Stay Night’s release back on the PC when I mostly saw my brother play it before I went through it myself a couple years after. Fast Forward a couple of years after that dreadful Studio DEEN adaptation, the Unlimited Blade Works movie, and the franchise expanded while I mostly kept with the FSN stuff in my head without giving much thought to the series again. A friend of mine told me about a PSP game called Fate Extra and the new Fate Zero gets recommended to me by my brother all in the same year and I get dragged back into the Fate series again.

It was also around that time, around the time after CCC came out and whispers of Fate Grand Order started coming around and it was another moment I took a break with the series while only “roughly” keeping up with the tidbits of news for FGO until it finally released in 2015, and I didn’t play it at all. Despite that, it was hard to ignore with how much fanart and buzz FGO was creating and it wasn’t until 2017 I really started paying attention to it with the SERAPH event before it finally became available for the western mobile market and I decided I needed a game to liven up my commute.

So where am I going with this? Well aside from being a primary contributor to Sony Music’s billion dollar revenue stream and its utterly notorious gold card rates, there’s many a word going on about the quality of its story as it holds the current spotlight of being the main source of Fate’s unfolding universe.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 23: Playing Chicken

Every episode and I realize how close we are to the ending. There’s only two more fights to really cover before we get our lengthy final battle which can basically be summarized as two fights to begin with. Actually, no, there’s Nero we need to see too.

Every fight with Mista involves him getting shot with his own bullets while Narancia’s enemies seem to always find a creative use for blood. Then again, Ghihaccio did that too. Anyways, despite me loving the Clash’s abilities, I never did find myself liking this fight all too much, even if this fight is something I have better memory of compared to Oasis and Green Day coming up later.

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Music of the Week #389

It’s time

My short vacation time is almost here but I’m just finding pictures for the FGO post while the DMCV one might take a bit longer since I’m still organizing my thoughts while going through DMD. Have a couple things to take care of in real-life despite said vacation time but oh well, I’ll be sure to try and divide my time up well with all the free time, not like there’s much to cover aside from Jojo and the two things I mentioned.

This week’s theme is a memorable one from one of the unexpectedly exciting scenes from Chapter 3 where the crew get involved in a friendly little competition. This scene definitely adds to the amazing sequence of events that Zero’s Chapter 3 is just chock full of that makes it one of the single best chapters in the series.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 22: Clash at Venezia

Did they seriously fucking use Tsuda’s voice for Tiziano? This freaking clown? Just when I was thinking how much I would love to hear Tsuda’s voice again after his work with Bruford years back, now I get this?

I’m actually really upset by that. If you remember what I spoke earlier about the latter half of Part 5, I didn’t have too have many good things to say and while the combination of powers is pretty interesting with Clash and Talking Head, I don’t think too many fights really match the intensity of either Grateful Dead/Beach Boy and White Album.

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Music of the Week #388

Done but

So that FGO post is done, but I just need some images to throw it up when I get the chance. I also feel the utter obligation to talk about DMC5 in its own post since I need to organize my own thoughts on it after waiting for so long. It’s not like it’s gonna be that comprehensive or insinuate its that heavily flawed but just a few nitpicks coming from a loyal fan of the franchise who waited a good chunk of his life to play it.

Anyways, this week’s theme is definitely one that sticks out in my mind due to its primary association with the Founder’s Festival event that occurs in Zero no Kiseki’s Chapter 3. Zero’s Chapter 3 is bar-none the best Chapter 3 in the entire series and probably the strongest individual chapter overall with how it covers only 3 days worth of events yet has a ton of scenes worth remembering and one of the most movie-like chapter endings the series ever had. While you could say Chapters 0-2 were pretty formulaic and baseline-setting as any other Trails game, Zero’s takes the cake.