Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 20: The Boss

We reach the half-way point where the Boss’s true intentions come to light.

I’ve mentioned many times before that one of the many reasons I looked forward to this adaptation was that a bunch of panels back in the manga were really hard to process and the biggest perpetrator of this was without a doubt King Crimson. It’s been an inside joke for decades on what exactly King Crimson’s powers are and Araki’s initially confusing explanation did that no favors, further so, the shoddy translation work for Part 5 at the start confused people even further. Hopefully now with some moving visuals, less people will be confused.

Buccellati is up to bat for the flashback where it details his upbringing in his native Naples where he lived happily with his mother and fisherman father. However the marriage was strained for whatever reason and Buccellati’s mother wanted to leave for the city and asked if she would like to live with her or with his father. Buccellati, being resourceful ever since his youth, determined that his mother would be able to live her life happily compared to his father, who was but a simple fisherman. Buccellati stayed with his father and helped with his business and in turn, his father became a fishing tour guide to send Buccellati school. Two customers asked for Buccellati’s father to take them near an island with an apparently poor fishing spot one day but it turned out that they were drug dealers trying to do some business. Buccellati’s father is shot and taken to the hospital and Buccellati learns that his father was hurt due to such reasons. Thankfully the bullet wounds were not fatal and the drug dealers sneak into the hospital room to finish the job. Buccellati hid under his father’s bed and killed both men, taking the lives of two men at the tender age of 12. Expecting further trouble from his actions, Buccellati offered his services to the mob and in turn, they protected his father from further harm. After many years of service and gaining recognition from the capo Polpo, Buccellati’s father passed away due to complications and Buccellati came to face the reality of the mafia’s business as the drugs he tried so hard to outlaw in his territory was being sold by the very group he worked for.

In the present, the crew carry out the precise orders given to them by the disc and take a boat to the isle to the outskirts of Venice. Once there, they will send one bodyguard to accompany Trish and enter the tower through the elevator where the trade will occur and the mission will end. Giorno offers himself to be the bodyguard but Abbacchio rebukes this attempt and Buccellati states that he will go instead. Knowing full well of Giorno’s intentions, Buccellati asks for Giorno to hand him his brooch as a “good luck charm” and Giorno creates a tracking device out of his brooch as Buccellati escorts Trish inside the mausoleum. Trish worries for her future, meeting a father she never knew and her safety as she had been put in danger for the past couple days. Buccellati reassures her that she will most likely be taken away somewhere safe. The Boss’ influence was enormous and he could easily keep her safe with his power. Slightly comforted, Trish gets on the elevator and her trembling hand grasps Bucellati’s. While Buccellati is in thought of the boss’s power however, he turns his head and finds Trish gone and her severed limb grasping his. Buccellati quickly figures out that given the circumstances, nobody but the boss and his crew know their location, leading to the conclusion that the Boss had his daughter delivered to him so he could dispose of her himself.

Buccellati makes his way down and successfully drops the tracking device on the boss and chases him downstairs to the basement. Buccellati hides behind a pillar and sees the Boss carrying Trish in his arms but before Buccellati can surprise him, the Boss had already sensed him and warns him not to come out from behind that pillar unless he wished to die. Buccellati pays that warning no heed but before he can leap off the pillar, the Boss’ stand materializes and grabs Sticky Fingers’ arm. Buccellati breaks free and the boss’ figure disappears, prompting Buccellati to get to Trish and reveal that he had a phone on him the entire time hidden away by Sticky Fingers’ zipper and asks Giorno if he’s tracking the boss. Giorno responds and says that he’s getting weird readings from the Boss who’s hiding behind a pillar and Buccellati goes to zip it away to strike at the figure behind it. Strangely, Buccellati finds that he just attacked a mirror image of himself and the Boss’ stand appears behind him, explaining that the current Buccellati glimpsed himself in the future and that his stand, King Crimson lapsed through the event. The Boss declares Buccellati’s mission over as King Crimson impales Buccellati with a single punch.

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