Music of the Week #385

Part 5

Just been tired over the weekend and for the past two days for some reason. Have some Fate stuff categorized for some inevitable top x lists because talking about FGO-only servants might be interesting but aside from that, it’s the usual fare but with a lot more stress on my end outside of post work. Hopefully I keep it together.

This week’s theme is Revache and Co. the tune of the criminal organization that the SSS are primarily after for the majority of the game before further implications of how deep the seeds of “corruption” in Crossbell are revealed. The Revache Co. is also the introduction of the Jaeger groups Zephyr and Red Constellation, the former of which has an ex-member in Revache’s employ while the Red Constellation play a significant part in the Crossbell saga. Zephyr would come to its own prominence in the ColdSteel games.