Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 19: True Resolve

Now this episode delivered. Whereas the final portions of Beach Boy and Grateful Dead were cut a bit short and undermined the proper development Pesci went through, White Album’s fight was short, sweet, and just as hype. Mista and Giorno’s ability synergy will be showcased again in a later fight but this is probably my preferred fight between the two.

We’re almost 20 episodes in and already nearly past the half-way point and I realize that I personally don’t have too much else to look forward to in Part 5. With Grateful Dead/Beach Boy and White Album animated, only King Crimson’s skip time bullshit is the only thing I got left since the latter half of Part 5 isn’t exactly as strong as the beginning. I’ll still be sticking with it but I hope the anime production staff keeps up the seal of quality that they have been doing so far.

Giorno sends the car spiraling into the water and holds Ghihaccio off and tells Mista to get ashore to retrieve the item. Mista understands Giorno’s attempt at a sacrifice but can’t agree with his methods. However, the plan to have Mista get away is quickly thwarted when Ghihaccio immediately begins to freeze the water around them and its speed would surely catch Mista sooner rather than later. Mista thinks fast and has Giorno utilize Gold Experience on the sinking car to form some grass and Ghihaccio tries to stop this. Mista however accounted this reaction and takes the frozen clumps of grass and forms a board to slide across the frozen water. Ghihaccio deactivates his powers and gives chase to the helpless Mista. Giorno now comes in with the assist and tells Mista to begin shooting at the grass and Giorno reverts the unfrozen grass into car parts and Mista shoots a bolt into Ghihaccio’s head and further spends his bullets to drive it into his face. Ghihaccio sinks but Giorno confirms that it was still only a light hit and he would recover soon enough and urges Mista to move on and retrieve the disk.

Mista gets out of the water and goes over the situation in his head where he deems Ghihaccio too big of a threat to leave around if he decided to take the disk and hide in the city. Mista heads back into the water to finish the assassin off and sees an crucial hole in White Album’s defense as bubbles are seen from the back of his neck. Seeing a breathing hole, Mista positions his Sex Pistols at a favorable angle but they report back saying that the air-hole is nowhere to be found as Ghihaccio stands back up. The combatants surface and Mista has his Pistols in position and lets his bullets fly as it kills a couple of fish in front of Ghihaccio. As he looks down in confusion as to why Mista killed some random fauna, bulets zips past Ghihaccio and the Sex Pistols kick the bullet into Ghihaccio’s air-hole now exposed to his bent neck. The plan works but a disturbing noise hints to the observant Giorno for Mista to protect himself as the bullets from flying back at him. Ghihaccio reveals White Albums other ability “Gently Weeps” where he takes a considerable amount of his energy to freeze the air and deflect the bullets back. Mista is hit but manages to pull himself ashore onto the platform where Ghihaccio is already ransacking the area looking for the disk.

Ghihaccio shatters the lion statue and finds the disk in question and Mista prepares to risk getting shot himself again to bring him down. Giorno recognizes the glint in his partner’s eyes and then calls out for him as he smashes his arm against the ice to send his blood flying. Ghihaccio is puzzled as to what that was but Mista takes the initiative as he sees the blood freezing in the air near Ghihaccio and takes aim. Sex Pistols guide the bullets toward Ghihaccio’s airhole. The shot lands but Ghihaccio reveals that he doesn’t need to have that open when he’s in outside of the water and deflects the bullet back, hitting Mista. As Mista staggers, a gush of blood covers Ghihaccio’s face and Mista states that this was his intent all along and repeatedly fires back, driving Ghihaccio to get stabbed by the pointed remains of the pole Mista fired upon early to angle his shots. Ghihaccio gets stuck and Mista keeps unleashing a storm of bullets, resolving to survive his own bullets being fired back. A spurt of blood finally signals the end of the bullet storm as Mista slowly but surely loses consciousness. Mista thinks he has finally gotten Ghihaccio but the latter declares his own victory as the blood he lost was frozen to help support his neck and not worry about having the shattered pole make its way in deeper. Ghihaccio deflects on last bullet that lands squarely in Mista’s head but the wound quickly disappears as Giorno had reached the shore and finishes Ghihaccio off. With the battle won and the disc recovered, Giorno begins to heal Mista much to the latter’s pain of experiencing the bullets in him turn into living things.

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