Music of the Week #384

Less than a month

You’ll just be hearing me fawn over DMC5 until it comes out early in March, which only means that there’s less than a month left before I get to finally fulfill what I have waited for nearly 10 years. Aside from that, I’m finally caught up with last season’s shows officially talked about so now it’s time to focus my writing time in not only staying up to date with Jojo but getting to that other writing projects I wanted to discuss here. I’ll try and get to them once my schedule clears up again.

This week’s theme is closely tied to last week’s Mining Town of Maiz as the titular town’s maze and its dangerous outer areas play this foreboding little tune. Despite the first visit being rather benign, the sequel game’s foray into the forbidden parts of the mine really draw out the unique vibe the song’s instruments give. Much like Mainz, I loved it upon hearing it for the first time.

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