Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 18: Half and Half

Melone only lasted up to half of the episode.

And the more I hear Ghihaccio talk the happier I am to keep in mind how this is Bakugo’s voice screaming about semantics. I have to say that Vento Aureo is doing an amazing job weaving multiple arcs together and they certainly wasted no time moving past Melone and covering a good half of the White Album fight. While a great fight, it is rather short since we only got one guy to deal with compared to the whopping 3-parter Prosciutto and Pesci got.

While Risotto Nero is blackmailing a Passione member about some confidential information, Melone’s Babyface continues its fight against the restored Giorno. Giorno’s keen insight however gives him the edge as he has discerned Babyface’s attack range but the latter also evolves from his anger at Giorno keeping him at bay. Babyface’s assumed edge over Giorno however becomes his undoing as an attempt to dodge an attack by dismantling himself ends up having pieces of the bike he rode on attach himself to him. The oil leakage gets sparked and Babyface is no more and by the time Ghihaccio arrives to assist, he finds a police scene and no one from Buccellati’s crew present. He calls Melone back and the latter assures him that their chase is not over as he still has samples of Buccellati’s blood to keep creating more stands. As he says this over, a snake slithers up his back and bites him in the mouth, killing Melone. Giorno, driving a car safely away, senses that the snake he created out of Babyface’s severed parts have returned and killed Melone.

Risotto Nero sees the computer file he forced the Passione member while Buccellati and co. receive another message from the boss. They’re instructed to have Abbacchio utilize his Moody Blues on a chair inside the turtle and rewind to 14 hours prior. Moody Blues reveals that Pericolo, the capo that handed over Trish to them back at Capri, was inside the turtle to deliver this message to them ahead of time. Pericolo notifies them that their mission will end when they hand over Trish to the boss himself and the precise instructions will be left at a certain location in the photo, a location which Buccellati recognizes. The photo is burnt and Pericolo states that no other evidence must remain and pulls out a gun to eliminate one last potential liability. Pericolo wishes for their safety as he blows his brains out and the crew endeavor to finish their mission and sends Mista and Giorno to retrieve the data disc the boss left for them at Venice.

The duo drive to their location on the pass to the city but a slight slip of the wheel reveals that Ghihaccio has finally caught up with them as sub-zero temperature begins to have them freeze in place. As small parts of their body tears off from being frozen and their breathing becomes inhibited, the ice inhibits any sort of movement and ability usage as bullets prove ineffective against Ghihaccio’s ice armor and Giorno’s abilities cannot give life in such cold temperatures. The duo think of an idea however and Mista fires off a round of gunfire and the heat of the combustion allows plant life to grow and knock Ghihaccio off the car. The hitman however isn’t fazed and gives pursuit as his ice-suit forms skates and he races toward them. Using the car’s exhaust fumes to freeze and rope himself to the car, things take a turn for the worse as he gets into the truck and applies his freezing ability again. Giorno is given no choice but to throw the car off into the water below.

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