Music of the Week #383


Preliminary writing for Bunny-senpai isn’t just floating thoughts anymore so I really do feel like finishing it now that I started writing, I’ll try my best. I completely forgot about this but DMC5’s new demo is coming out this weekend and I can’t wait to play it again. Nero’s Split being R1+Back is awkward as all hell though, 10 years of DMC4 is not going to wear off easily.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites from Zero, a standout from my first playthrough where I immediately grooved with the tune. A number of the previous week’s tracks were from the roads leading out of Crossbell into one of four cardinal directions and the Mining Town of Maize lies to the north exit where you trek a considerably long distance through a mountain pass, a cave, and a couple more cliffs before inevitably being asked to traverse the titular mines the area is known for. Definitely one of the best sounding areas out of of the 4 locations outside of Crossbell proper.

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