Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 17: The Fight between Greats

I’ll be honest.

Babyface lies between two of my favorite fights in this entire part and I’ve gone back to read those said fights so much that I kind of forgot what Babyface’s fight involved aside from Melone being creepy and using a computer-stand to create a Stand after harassing some poor woman. I forgot its powers were this scary after it came to be.

We pick up where we left off last week where Buccellati’s crew quickly revise their transportation plans as Melone arrives at the scene of the forcibly stopped train. With a sample of Buccellati’s blood collected, Melone infiltrates a private cabin in the train and accosts a pompous young woman and asks her a series of questions as he inputs the data and the blood sample onto his “computer”. Even after being attacked, Melone continues his interrogation session with glee as he exclaims that the woman’s violent attitude will be perfect. The computer suddenly grows some limbs and attacks the woman as she blacks out. We switch over to Buccellati’s crew as they stowaway under a truck driver’s seat and surmise they’ll reach Venice in around a day or two. As the crew wonder over the sullen atmosphere between Trish and Buccellati, Giorno takes time to think of the situation where figuring out Trish’s stand might help him in anticipating what to expect when he plans to overthrow the boss. Mista makes a blunder when his Sex Pistols steal a burger from the driver and he accidentally punches the driver when the latter peered into the turtle’s key. The truck crashes and the crew is left at a rest-stop.

The attacked woman wakes up later to find Melone gone and quickly calls the train’s staff over to voice her displeasure about how her room was so easily accessed by a weirdo. Melone himself is just outside the train communicating to Babyface which has now been “birthed” and asking instructions and basic questions like a child while it hides out in the woman’s hair back on the train. Melone gives his stand a couple lessons in violence and basic animal and playtime habits and relates it back to killing Buccellati’s crew. Soon enough, the stand understands its orders quicker than it normally would, drains the woman, and hijacks Melone’s bike to pursue Buccellati and Trish.

We join the crew back in the parking lots of a rest stop where they plan out their next course of action and they come up with stealing a car but they’d be easily followed. Giorno makes a clever compromise and turns a good number of cars into frogs, having them hop away in random directions to have their movements be obscured in the random dispersal of cars. Abbacchio hands the turtle with Buccellati and Trish inside to Giorno as leads the others to find a car suitable for them. Buccellati is asked by Trish if she could leave the turtle to use the bathroom but a strange turn of events have her disappear into the cupboard as Giorno finds an unmanned bike behind the rest stop. Buccellati himself disappears too and parts of Giorno’s body begins to disappear as Babyface gets on the offensive. Giorno forces Babyface out by taking the key out of the turtle but its matter rearranging ability still makes it difficult for Giorno to engage properly. Giorno is seemingly defeated before he is able to notify the team and Babyface prepares to return to Melone with both Buccellati and Trish captured but Giorno stands back up. He reveals that Babyface’s abilities have helped him realize something about his own power and has replaced the parts Babyface has taken from him.

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