Music of the Week #386


Life’s getting busy again but I do have some data to write some stuff about FGO the next chance I have some extended free time. My history with Fate precedes FGO so I’ll try and talk about something interesting coming from a person who’s been with Fate for nearly as long as it’s been around.

But I got work to do so let’s get to the point. This week’s distinctive theme is associated with Jona, one of the other savant children along with the playable cast’s own Tio, who regularly helps out the SSS on the technological side of things. While mostly a freeloader mucking about in a personalized Geofront maintenance room, his assistance will always be had when you’re forced to visit him and have this theme blaring in your ear.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 20: The Boss

We reach the half-way point where the Boss’s true intentions come to light.

I’ve mentioned many times before that one of the many reasons I looked forward to this adaptation was that a bunch of panels back in the manga were really hard to process and the biggest perpetrator of this was without a doubt King Crimson. It’s been an inside joke for decades on what exactly King Crimson’s powers are and Araki’s initially confusing explanation did that no favors, further so, the shoddy translation work for Part 5 at the start confused people even further. Hopefully now with some moving visuals, less people will be confused.

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Music of the Week #385

Part 5

Just been tired over the weekend and for the past two days for some reason. Have some Fate stuff categorized for some inevitable top x lists because talking about FGO-only servants might be interesting but aside from that, it’s the usual fare but with a lot more stress on my end outside of post work. Hopefully I keep it together.

This week’s theme is Revache and Co. the tune of the criminal organization that the SSS are primarily after for the majority of the game before further implications of how deep the seeds of “corruption” in Crossbell are revealed. The Revache Co. is also the introduction of the Jaeger groups Zephyr and Red Constellation, the former of which has an ex-member in Revache’s employ while the Red Constellation play a significant part in the Crossbell saga. Zephyr would come to its own prominence in the ColdSteel games.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 19: True Resolve

Now this episode delivered. Whereas the final portions of Beach Boy and Grateful Dead were cut a bit short and undermined the proper development Pesci went through, White Album’s fight was short, sweet, and just as hype. Mista and Giorno’s ability synergy will be showcased again in a later fight but this is probably my preferred fight between the two.

We’re almost 20 episodes in and already nearly past the half-way point and I realize that I personally don’t have too much else to look forward to in Part 5. With Grateful Dead/Beach Boy and White Album animated, only King Crimson’s skip time bullshit is the only thing I got left since the latter half of Part 5 isn’t exactly as strong as the beginning. I’ll still be sticking with it but I hope the anime production staff keeps up the seal of quality that they have been doing so far.

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Music of the Week #384

Less than a month

You’ll just be hearing me fawn over DMC5 until it comes out early in March, which only means that there’s less than a month left before I get to finally fulfill what I have waited for nearly 10 years. Aside from that, I’m finally caught up with last season’s shows officially talked about so now it’s time to focus my writing time in not only staying up to date with Jojo but getting to that other writing projects I wanted to discuss here. I’ll try and get to them once my schedule clears up again.

This week’s theme is closely tied to last week’s Mining Town of Maiz as the titular town’s maze and its dangerous outer areas play this foreboding little tune. Despite the first visit being rather benign, the sequel game’s foray into the forbidden parts of the mine really draw out the unique vibe the song’s instruments give. Much like Mainz, I loved it upon hearing it for the first time.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Mini-Review

What baited me in with my favorite fetish outfit became a pleasant watch even outside of said fetish outfit.

Long time coming to talk about one of the more beloved series that came from last season. Despite all the praise, and even when I enjoyed it myself, I didn’t really find it as intriguing as many others. That probably has to do with me caring more for the fact that Part 5 began to exist and that the middle of the week during that season was pretty hectic. To me, this was just something along the lines of a Bakemonogatari with a little bit of Oregairu and that’s definitely an entertaining formula but there’s definitely a group of people that finds either of those titles to be a bit much with the exposition. Now, I enjoyed the latter, I stopped caring about the former, and I’d place Bunny-senpai comfortably in the center.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 18: Half and Half

Melone only lasted up to half of the episode.

And the more I hear Ghihaccio talk the happier I am to keep in mind how this is Bakugo’s voice screaming about semantics. I have to say that Vento Aureo is doing an amazing job weaving multiple arcs together and they certainly wasted no time moving past Melone and covering a good half of the White Album fight. While a great fight, it is rather short since we only got one guy to deal with compared to the whopping 3-parter Prosciutto and Pesci got.

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