Music of the Week #381

Back in normalcy

Might have time to do Bunny-senpai mini-review since I don’t think there’s too much to cover there. Date a Live’s 2nd episode defied all expectations by somehow looking like it was season 1 again with its visuals, blowing its mediocre episode 1 out of the water. It almost makes me want to cover it but I still want to remain cautious for when the series hits its stride in the latter half of the season. If nothing else, reviewing it might not be as depressing as I thought it would be.

This week’s theme is the tune that plays when the SSS deal with the Calvard affiliated Triad group, the Heiyue. While a lot of the groups in the game that do get mentioned end up getting more developed as the series goes on, I’m looking at you Zephyr, the Heiyue and their native country of the East/Calvard haven’t been explored yet so their deal is still pretty unknown compared to the other groups.