Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 15: Man Down

Prosciutto’s got some really animated hands huh

I’m very pleased with how these episodes are going to portray my favorite fight in the manga for this part. I do have one thing to say other than Prosciutto’s excessive hand-movements but the voice-acting quality for the shouting from the villains, especially Prosciutto here and Illuso from a few weeks ago. Prosciutto’s voice, while absolutely freaking fantastic in 99% of his scenes had his yelling scene in the final moments of this episode be a bit lacking and the same goes for Illuso during the last part of his fight where his yelling felt really dry.

Mista starts to get reeled in by Pesci’s Beach Boy and he has no choice but to fire into the cabin’s hallway to try and locate his adversary. The Sex Pistols load themselves up and go through some windows until they reach Pesci’s location in one of the train cabin’s bars chewing on some ice. Pesci is completely shocked by Mista’s response when he was just struggling to get the hook out of him and Pesci’s panic has him recall his stand, taking the hook that was nearing Mista’s brain out of the equation. Pesci’s attempts at escape is blocked by an elderly man prattling on about steak and Mista eventually arrives inside the bar cabin and blasts off one of Pesci’s fingers and demands to know where his partner is. He asks for Pesci to answer him within two seconds or he’ll shoot both his eyes off and Pesci responds by saying he has no idea where Prosciutto is. Before Mista pulls the trigger, the same old man latches onto him instead but it turns out the old man was Prosciutto all along and reveals the Grateful Dead’s abilities that are amplified the closer you are to it and Prosciutto’s direct contact with Mista completely ages Mista, leaving him incapable of fighting. The Sex Pistols all fall to the ground weakened and Mista drops his gun and Prosciutto restores himself to his regular age before he beasts Pesci to the ground, chastising him for his weak mental fortitude for recalling his stand when it was so close to killing Mista. Prosciutto invokes his words from earlier, that when he and his fellow assassins does so much as think of the word “kill”, their targets are already dead and Prosciutto picks up Mista’s revolver to shoot three rounds into his head.

Buccellati is worried about how long Mista is taking to accomplish his task and tells Trish to stop wasting the ice on fixing Narancia back as their main priority is her safety. Back outside the turtle, the enemy duo move on back to the driver’s cabin where they started and Prosciutto asks Pesci on what he sensed earlier about how there were two life-signs coming from the room. Pesci is discouraged about his weak intuition and Prosciutto once again tells his subordinate to have some faith in his abilities and Pesci checks under the seats to confirm what he was suspicious about earlier but finds nothing there. Pesci is discouraged once again but Prosciutto praises him as this discovery helped him figure out where Buccellati might be hiding and he identifies some fresh animal droppings that might be where they are hiding in as he is apparently aware animals can have stands too. The Grateful Dead is called out to lash out in the room and they find Coco Jumbo hidden in the paneling. As Prosciutto moves in to kill Buccellati’s crew, Pesci sees that Buccellati is missing and our young capo reveals himself from his zipper-dimension and attacks the Grateful Dead.

Mista’s Sex Pistols No. 5 apparently lessened the impact of Prosciutto’s headshots and Mista was able to stay conscious long enough to send the other Sex Pistols to warn Buccellati of Prosciutto and Pesci, giving Buccellati the element of surprise. Sticky Fingers keeps the Grateful Dead busy and Prosciutto orders for Pesci to eliminate the rest of Buccellati’s crew while he’s occupied but Bucellati himself knocks Pesci out with a kick to the face. Prosciutto mocks Buccellati’s abilities as a capo as he has left himself wide upon but Buccelati dodges a direct attack but splitting his head in half with his zippers and sends Prosciutto flying back with Sticky Fingers’ quick retaliation. Prosciutto however took this into account and the Grateful Dead’s abilities takes on a harsher effect on Buccellati’s body as his quick movements has used up a lot of energy in his efforts to take both Prosciutto and Pesci out. The ice has no longer an effect and Buccelati is forced to make a risky move by feigning an attack against Prosciutto, having the Grateful Dead make contact with Sticky Fingers, but prepare a zipper on the train cabin’s wall to have both of them be thrown outside. Prosciutto accuses Buccellati of being a madman for thinking of throwing themselves off a 150kmph train but Buccellati finds it prudent to get rid of Prosciutto’s abilities away from his team and priority.

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