Music of the Week #380


Schedules have me all over the place but I feel like covering the third season of Date A Live, which looks as terrible as I had feared, will just be redundant so I’ll save that for the end season. Bunny-senpai still needs coverage but might just end up being something small due to time constraints. Even then, Jojo will be the only thing being covered this season so I shouldn’t have too big a workload but it will take a couple more weeks to get used to this new schedule. This weekend, at least half of it, will be a bit busy too but with a break on Monday I can definitely try to get on schedule again.

This week’s theme is tune that plays midday in Crossbell during many of the game’s events that will inevitably take place roaming the city. Like the other general Crossbell theme, this has more of a tense atmosphere going on that just screams something is going on in the background in the peaceful looking scenery.

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