Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 14: Double Up

It’s time for what is perhaps my favorite fight in Jojo

Well, at least we’re setting up for it. I’ve shared my passion for fights on trains be it in any medium but what makes this stand fight special to me is that Prosciutto and Pesci probably go through the most amount of development a Jojo mook villain can go through. Given the rough pace of these episodes, I would say this fight will go for at least two more episodes.

As per instructions, our team hop on a car for a Florence-bound express train and search for a keyhole to fit the mysterious key. While Buccellati investigates the area, the next assassination team members approach the station and locate Bucciarati near a service hatch. Shot-caller Prosciutto orders his underling Pesci to approach Buccellati from the train cars while he would approach him head on. As the duo approach Buccellati, the latter is confounded by the predicament where the key they brought seemingly serves no purpose as the service hatch’s keyhole doesn’t fit and doesn’t even need a key to be opened. While panicking, Buccellati spots a strange turtle with a strange indent on its shell and stares back at the key before he takes the turtle and hops back on the train.

Prosciutto gives chase and enters the last train car in pursuit but finds nobody there except Pesci who was close by. Logically, if Buccellati’s crew entered the train and hid, Pesci would have ran into them since he came from the opposite direction. With their trail gone completely cold, they’re last guess is to enter the door to their left and Pesci activates his Beach Boy and he senses two lifeforms past the door and he drags one of the train attendants out. Pesci is left wondering why there’s only one lifeform found inside the room when his stand sensed one more but Prosciutto proceeds to a full investigation of the train to snuff Buccellati’s crew out. In another example of animals capable of having stands, our crew is safely hidden away inside the turtle Buccellati found and inserted the key into, letting the creature’s stand to be activated. The interior of the stand features a nice waiting-room like lounge filled with furniture, refreshments, and a working TV and the crew relax as they are unaware of their two pursuers. Back up on the surface, Pesci searches the small room and sees something moving under the chair but is horrified by the presence of Prosciutto’s stand, The Grateful Dead, who begins to emit some sort of smoke as it follows its user down the hall.

Back inside the turtle, a majority of the crew pass out on the couch while Buccellati, Narancia, Mista, and Trish stay up. Mista suggests for Narancia to rest and offers him a drink but the latter gives in an indecisive response and suddenly starts becoming slower to respond. Soon enough, Narancia physically starts aging faster and the group is horrified to see their sleeping friends accelerate in aging as well. Buccellati sees that they’re under attack and sends Mista out to deal with them but before he exits the stand, Giorno wakes up to point out an notable observation as to why Trish, Mista, and Buccellati aren’t aging as fast as the rest of them. Giorno adds on to Buccellati’s conclusion that this indiscriminate attack suggests that their whereabouts are still unknown and that these effects are influenced based on temperature. Since Mista, Bucellati, and Trish had something cold to drink, their accelerated aging has slowed, and Trish tests this theory by applying some ice cubes to Narancia’s face, de-aging him conclusively. Mista runs to the fridge to grab more ice but Buccellati instructs him to take all the remaining ice with him back to the surface as their objectives do not change in eliminating the enemy. Prosciutto and The Grateful Dead make their way through the train cars while Pesci hangs out in the bar munching on some. Mista leaves and finds an empty train car but conveniently finds an air conditioner switch near him but before he presses it, Beach Boy’s hook reels him in.

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