Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 13: Say Good Night

So here I was thinking I’d have to do double the episodes since I was preoccupied for most of last week but good news and bad news abound. The good news being that I don’t have to pull double duty after all since Episode 14 would have marked a new season for other non-multi cour shows so instead we got a recap episode that really doesn’t need coverage. The bad news is that I have to wait a few more days to watch what might be my favorite fight in Jojo ever and certainly it’s my favorite fight from Part 5 be finally animated.

Let’s see if Fugo does anything else after this in this adaptation.

Abbacchio moves on ahead to the Dog Mosaic and finds the particular key they were instructed to find but finds another mirror piece next to it, allowing Illuso to see what their objective is. Abbacchio pieces together that Illuso’s abilities are and quickly kicks away the mirror, shattering it, after he deduces Fugo was pulled into the mirror. As Abbacchio reaches for the key, he finds his arm being dragged in as Illuso explains that kicking away the mirror only gave him more angles to emerge from but as he drags half of Abbacchio’s body into the mirror, the latter gets a stranglehold on Man in the Mirror much to Illuso’s surprise. Abbacchio chimes in, revealing that the body Illuso pulled in was actually a disguised Moody Blues who is able to beat the relatively weak Man in the Mirror to a pulp. As Abbacchio tries to deliver some more pain, Illuso is able to grab another piece of the broken mirror to drag Abbacchio into the mirror properly. To make sure Abbacchio won’t be able to properly retaliate, Illuso has half of Moody Blues be ejected while half of Abbacchio is dragged in, leaving him incapable of moving properly.

Abbacchio goes through the thought of Giorno’s intent on saving everybody and working together may be right if he is unable to complete the mission so he decides to put his pride on the line and cut off his own hand to transport the key to Giorno while Illuso is still busy gloating over his maneuver. As Illuso figures out what’s happening after seeing the key go missing, he gives chase but as he turns the corner, he starts laughing. Illuso reveals to Abbacchio that Giorno is simply standing there with the key in hand instead of running, leaving Illuso ample opportunity to drag Giorno in, sealing all of their fates to fail the objective at retrieving the key. However, Giorno happened to have infected himself with Purple Haze’s virus and it quickly spreads onto Illuso. As they both begin to propagate the virus, Illuso thinks fast to leave the mirror world and separate his infected body parts, currently only his hand, to the mirror world and hops out. Fugo is aghast at Giorno’s gamble not paying off but Giorno is hopeful now that Illuso has left the one place where he has power. Surely enough, Illuso gloats over his own gumption to lose a hand if it meant assuring victory but Giorno explains that he has turned a brick from the place where Purple Haze had released its virus to track Illuso down, meaning Purple Haze can now actually fight a defenseless Illuso. The exact situation occurs as Purple Haze now has Illuso in range but the hitman has one glimmering piece of hope left in a shard of a mirror which has Man in the Mirror stop Purple Haze’s lethal punch from breaking a virus capsule.

Much to Illuso’s horror however, the capsule shoots out of Purple Haze’s fist and breaks open anyway, infecting Illuso with a full dose of flesh-eating viruses and having Purple Haze reduce him to a pile of melted flesh afterwards. Man in the Mirror’s ability disperses but Giorno is still infected with little time left but he is calm in knowing that the rock that he turned into a snake was born from the virus’ vicinity, giving it an immunity to the virus that he can utilize to cure himself with. Giorno falls unconscious from the painful transfusion as Fugo audibly declares his respect for Giorno putting his life on the line for them and accomplishing his goal. Giorno fades out by telling Fugo to find Abbacchio and praise him instead for risking his life earlier for obtaining the key. Close by, Abbacchio too passes out from blood loss.

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