Music of the Week #382


Due to some hilariously absurd negative weather in my area, my schedule just freed up for most of the week. If there’s any better time to get bunny-senpai out of the way, now would be the time and I’ll see what I can do. Hopefully I can get some work and just that since I’ll really have no excuse if I don’t. Off I go then

But before that, we continue with Zero no Kiseki’s stellar soundtrack with a rather familiar tune accompanying us this week. If the track’s title “The Wind from Liberl” doesn’t clue you in on what it sounds like and who it is associated with, then I got nothing for you. I’ve mentioned that Trails in the Sky had a very recognizable motif behind some of its tunes and that certainly hasn’t changed now.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 16: Almost Perfect

Despite everything that was going right, there were some slight choices in this episode that I felt weakened the overall experience of my favorite fight in this part. These points occurred at the very end of the fight where 1. Pesci’s attempts to ruse Buccellati having him focus on him trying to smash the turtle the ground while he actually went inside it to kill the rest of the crew was cut out. I feel that undermines Pesci’s development as with the whole “I’ll kill them” mindset Prosciutto was trying to get across doesn’t reach fruition as Pesci tries to bait Buccellati into thinking his goal was to kill the turtle instead of the rest of the squad. The second and last issue was that Yuuichi Nakamura’s ARIARIARIARI didn’t come off too great, which is a shame because his Arrivederci was pretty fantastic.

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Music of the Week #381

Back in normalcy

Might have time to do Bunny-senpai mini-review since I don’t think there’s too much to cover there. Date a Live’s 2nd episode defied all expectations by somehow looking like it was season 1 again with its visuals, blowing its mediocre episode 1 out of the water. It almost makes me want to cover it but I still want to remain cautious for when the series hits its stride in the latter half of the season. If nothing else, reviewing it might not be as depressing as I thought it would be.

This week’s theme is the tune that plays when the SSS deal with the Calvard affiliated Triad group, the Heiyue. While a lot of the groups in the game that do get mentioned end up getting more developed as the series goes on, I’m looking at you Zephyr, the Heiyue and their native country of the East/Calvard haven’t been explored yet so their deal is still pretty unknown compared to the other groups.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 15: Man Down

Prosciutto’s got some really animated hands huh

I’m very pleased with how these episodes are going to portray my favorite fight in the manga for this part. I do have one thing to say other than Prosciutto’s excessive hand-movements but the voice-acting quality for the shouting from the villains, especially Prosciutto here and Illuso from a few weeks ago. Prosciutto’s voice, while absolutely freaking fantastic in 99% of his scenes had his yelling scene in the final moments of this episode be a bit lacking and the same goes for Illuso during the last part of his fight where his yelling felt really dry.

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Music of the Week #380


Schedules have me all over the place but I feel like covering the third season of Date A Live, which looks as terrible as I had feared, will just be redundant so I’ll save that for the end season. Bunny-senpai still needs coverage but might just end up being something small due to time constraints. Even then, Jojo will be the only thing being covered this season so I shouldn’t have too big a workload but it will take a couple more weeks to get used to this new schedule. This weekend, at least half of it, will be a bit busy too but with a break on Monday I can definitely try to get on schedule again.

This week’s theme is tune that plays midday in Crossbell during many of the game’s events that will inevitably take place roaming the city. Like the other general Crossbell theme, this has more of a tense atmosphere going on that just screams something is going on in the background in the peaceful looking scenery.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 14: Double Up

It’s time for what is perhaps my favorite fight in Jojo

Well, at least we’re setting up for it. I’ve shared my passion for fights on trains be it in any medium but what makes this stand fight special to me is that Prosciutto and Pesci probably go through the most amount of development a Jojo mook villain can go through. Given the rough pace of these episodes, I would say this fight will go for at least two more episodes.

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Music of the Week #379

Back to the usual

The Winter season is here and I’m back on the saddle with this week’s Jojo and Bunny-senpai to talk about before I tackle all the new things, which to be honest, aren’t all that much to discuss. Date A Live somehow got itself a third season despite that wreck of a second season so expect very cynical and depressing realities of Light Novel adaptations. I’ll try to get those in order before I get too backed up.

This week’s theme is yet another overworld theme covering the outside regions of Crossbell city proper. A bit less memorable than the one before but I do remember this one where you were asked with going to one of the outer villages to the East as opposed to the police academy to the West, the Medical School to the South, and the Mining village and chapel up North.