Music of the Week #376

Free at last

With a bunch of free-time coming my way now, I feel like tackling something new that isn’t just my weekly recaps. I realize I’ve said something along these lines a bunch now but what I want to cover does pertain to a pretty big and slightly relevant topic so I hope I can fully deliver that if I’m not too busy playing games. Speaking of, I got to try the DMC5 demo and hot damn, I’m already in love. I’ll go over that another time though.

This week’s theme is that of the main cast’s, the Special Support Section. As mentioned previously, they’re the newly formed branch of the police incorporating people of different backgrounds to form a “quasi-Bracer” section of the police to win back the trust and respect of the citizens of Crossbell from the Bracer Guild’s monopoly over public trust. The SSS’s development is a lot more forward compared to the likes of Trails’ cast aside from the your main duo of Estelle and Joshua. Since the first and second games had the party members swapping around until the final chapter, the integrity of the SSS and watching them grow through their daily life is quite a fun experience, which is unfortunately not the same for the future entries into the series despite the fact that a school environment would allow for such developments to take place, who knew.