Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 10: No Restraints

David Pro pulling out all the stops introducing the rest of the Assassination squad early. I didn’t expect this fight to go on for another episode but with that extended flashback, I really can’t complain. Hell, you can even recognize the silhouette of the guy who killed the assassination squad members. Anyone else recognize Bakugo’s voice coming out of Ghihaccio? Oddly fitting.

I don’t think I can say that for Narancia’s voice though honestly, his voice is still the most contentious out of me. I think the ASB voice nailed that tone so goddamn perfectly that hearing Deku’s voice trying to be a little gangsta-shit like Narancia isn’t working out at all for me yet.

Narancia comes under the effects of Little Feet and gradually begins to shrink as Formaggio tries to wait out until the effects of his stand make Narancia completely useless. Unfortunately for him, Aerosmith’s destructive capability is still a threat and even as Narancia’s size has him unable to use the phone properly, Formaggio’s location is finally discovered and he is forced out of hiding from inside Narancia’s pocket. Formaggio reverses his ability onto himself to regain his size and the phenomena sends him flying back outside into the street, safely away from Narancia. However, Aerosmith creeps up behind him again and Formaggio makes a run for it. Once again, Aerosmith tracks down its target and Formaggio pieces together the frightening revelation that Narancia is tracking him somehow.

Formaggio gets the flashback and we’re given insight onto the motivations of the Assassination’s Squad’s reasons for betraying the boss. We get an extended scene of Formaggio, Melone, Pesci, and Prosciutto hanging around a restaurant as Formaggio plants a shrunken car into a man’s water-glass and they watch the bloody fireworks when the man walks outside, has the car erupt out of him, and crushes his date. The team return to their headquarters to meet up with the rest of their squad, Illuso, Risotto Nero, and Ghihaccio. The group worry about the absence of their two other members, Sorbet and Gelato who had previously tried to learn the identity of the boss and the crew disperse to try and find them. All the while, we’re told that the other branches of Passione such as the drug-trafficking team and regional capos make a great deal of money while the assassination squad are only paid in small sums by the boss. Soon enough, Formaggio tracks down the one of their colleague’s corpse while the other corpse is sent in a rather brutal display case of severed body parts. After that, the Assassination Squad went quiet about their investigation and worked as usual. All that changed with the discovery of the boss’s daughter and Formaggio resolves himself to overcome Narancia and make his way to the Boss through Trish.

Formaggio resurfaces from the sewer water and learns of Aerosmith’s other ability of tracking oxygen as Narancia had been indiscriminately shooting the rat population in the sewer. Formaggio quickly mounts a rat to throw off Aerosmith’s oxygen tracker but Narancia soon finds a discrepancy between the rats as one of them is breathing harder than the others and he figures that Formaggio is riding on one of their backs and opens fire. Formaggio is finally pelted with some bullets but the rate on which Narancia has shrunk has mitigated the shots from being lethal.

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