Music of the Week #375

Almost there

It’s that sort of week so I was pretty busy to get this out on time. Jojo will follow as planned and everything else should be rightfully on schedule once I get this out. I don’t have much else to say other than I should probably get back to work so I can be around to post more later.

Thankfully, I have more to say about this week’s theme than what’s going on with the status of posts. Get over the Barrier! is the regular fight theme across both Zero and Ao and is one of the handful of motifs that is prevalent throughout the duology, and rightfully so. The common theme of Sky was of Estelle’s constant growth as a Bracer, be it becoming stronger to achieve what she wishes and to become more like her father and Joshua in terms of decision making and having that “sense” to discern things with more accuracy. The collective theme of Zero and Ao is getting over the proverbial barrier that inhibits the SSS’s power as at the end of the day, they’re a branch of the police. Power of course stands in the way of the group as well as compared to the cast of Sky, with their wide-ranging specialist characters from all corners of Zemuria and what we’ll see in Cold Steel with its rather crazy levels of power, the SSS are in most cases, very plain and grounded. Lloyd is probably the weakest out of all the MCs across the Kiseki subseries but that doesn’t detract from him from being a rather admirable character and his quest to cross those walls, be it of jurisdiction or strength, is a sight to see when push come to shove.