Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 9: Call in the Squad

The deductive ability of Jojo’s mook villains are really something to be noticed.

I imagined we’d get the Assassination squad to be introduced next week but damn, they went ahead and gave us a preview of all them this week. Even Nero showed up at the back with Melone and Ghihaccio in tow. Makes sense for Pesci to not be around since Prosciutto is the getting the logistics for now. I cannot wait for that Grateful Dead fight, man.

Also, I imagined Pericolo’s voice to be a bit lighter than but this works way better.

As Mista’s wounds are liberally treated by Fugo and Narancia, the crew reconcile by the public restroom as Buccellati congratulates his team for a job well done. Both Zucchero and Sale have been incapacitated and tied up in the yacht and Buccellati states that he will reveal the location of the fortune in just a few more moments as everyone asks where it could be possibly be. The island’s janitorial crew wander too close to their location and Narancia tries to deal with them but one the younger one of the janitorial duo turns Narancia’s knife back at him and Buccellati eases the situation after he realizes that they’re the ones he was waiting for. Buccellati first tells everyone to lower their heads as the shorter and older of the “janitors” is Pericolo, a capo of Passione who he called to receive the money. Pericolo has some rather nice words to say about Giorno as a new member of the “family” and also apologizes to Narancia about the person he’s traveling with doesn’t like to be touched. Buccellati reveals the hidden fortune inside one of the restroom’s urinals and Pericolo confirms the high-price they can sell for. Pericolo congratulates and accepts Buccellati’s offerings to the gang and is formally granted the position as Capo, which has him effectively replace Polpo’s influence over Naples and make mad cash from all the operations involved there.

However, Pericolo has more news to share as Polpo had one unfinished assignment before he died, a direct order from the boss. Buccellati is granted the mission to protect and deliver the boss’s daughter to him. This news comes to the complete shock of everyone as the boss’s identity is a very well-kept secret in the gang and that such a direct link to his identity existing was tough to swallow. Sure enough, the individual that turned Narancia’s knife against him was none other than the boss’s daughter herself, Trish Una. While Trish entered the bathroom to change into her regular clothes, Pericolo shares the information that a woman named Donatella Una passed away two years ago and asked for her husband to look after their daughter. Of course, the alias the Boss used during his younger years was simply one of many but the daughter’s existence puts his identity at risk and several members have already betrayed the gang to fight back. Pericolo notifies them that they’ll be protecting Trish for around a week while the Boss tries to deal with this problem himself. Giorno makes the important distinction in these orders as he asks again about how Polpo was specifically made to handle this assignment and Pericolo confirms his suspicions that the traitors are indeed Stand-users.

Trish doesn’t make a good first impression on the crew with her high-class demands and the team hole up in a safehouse. Narancia is tasked with getting some supplies for the team and is given particular instructions by Fugo to make sure he’s not being tailed. While Narancia has trouble repeating the instructions, Abbacchio has confidence in Narancia’s stand to deal with any threat that may come his way. Sure enough, Narancia is met with the first of the traitors, Formaggio, who has his suspicions as to why Buccellati’s crew went missing on the day of Polpo’s funeral. Narancia can hardly keep up the act and when Formaggio attacks, he retaliates ten-fold with his Aerosmith, blasting the car full of holes and smoke. Formaggio narrowly escapes Aerosmith with his own stand, Little Feet and hides in Narancia’s pocket. While Narancia still tries to figure out where he went, Formaggio sees that Narancia has purchased some high-end stuff for women and his suspicions are confirmed as he figures out that the boss’s daughter has been handed over to Buccellati’s crew.

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