Music of the Week #372

Sleep deprived

Been lacking a lot of sleep these past few days but the busy times are about to get slightly less stressful once this week is over so that’s something to look forward to. One of the many things I looked forward to for Part 5’s adaptation was hoping to finally comprehend what the hell was going on in the panels because let me tell you, I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on for a bunch of fights in Part 5. Only recently did that Soft Machine fight make slightly more sense to me and the Part’s dubious scan and translation history didn’t help clarify things. I think the next “confusing” fight that’s coming is Little Feet but I think the slight confusion of constant size swapping is supposed to elicit that effect to begin with.

Lloyd Bannings arrives at police headquarters and instead of being assigned as a formal detective, he is introduced to three people who don’t resemble the closest thing to policemen. Assigned under the supervision of Sergei Lou, a former co-worker of Lloyd’s brother Guy Bannings, Lloyd is made part of the Special Support Section, a brand new division of the police created to restore the police’s image in the eyes of the citizens of Crossbell. The police’s reputation among the citizens are at an all-time low because of the recent rise of crime activity in the city as well as the community’s dependence on the local Bracer Guild for their troubles. The SSS was created for the sole purpose of “combating” the Bracer Guild’s popularity to restore faith in the city’s police and Lloyd’s ragtag group of friends-to-be are left to this task, which is honestly a very contextually acceptable excuse in making police-officers go around doing side-quests. Lloyd is introduced to the Elie Macdowell, the well-educated granddaughter of the city’s mayor; Tio Plato, the literal tech-wizard of the group representing the Epstein Foundation; and Randy Orlando, the womanizing ex-member of the militarized border patrols and the squad of four embark on an adventure that shakes the foundation of their city and their very existence, but not before improving public opinion by finding cats and fighting off thugs.

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