Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 5&6: Enter the Gangstars

It could have been worse but looks like this will end up as a double-feature since it was a pretty busy past weekend and week. Much to my surprise, we’re still not off the boat ride even after Episode 6 so I guess they’re planning on doing Sale’s fight in one go which does fit better to my memory because they were definitely on that boat for a while. Abacchio gets his origin story a couple fights earlier compared to when the manga decided to drop this story on us. Originally, we would have gotten his story during the Man in the Mirror but I guess it makes sense in hindsight to give Abacchio his time now since Man in the Mirror is Fugo’s first and only fight so David Pro is probably prepping that for him.

Don’t think I missed Abacchio getting some cake, David Pro, I see what you fucking did there.

Buccellati breaks down the pecking order for Passione’s structure and identifies the singular boss of the organization who communicates through his numerous Capos who operate larger portions of the gang’s territory. Beneath those capos are the regular grunts of the gang, particularly the position in which Buccellati’s group is in. Among the groups beneath the capos, specialized teams such as the drug trafficking circles and assassination squads. No matter the case, if Giorno wishes to achieve his dream then they will have to climb their way up the ranks to even begin to try and conspire against the boss in any meaningful capacity compared to trying to fight back from such a lowly position. With this in mind, Buccellati brings Giorno to meet with his team so that they may try and do exactly that. Elsewhere across the country, news of Polpo’s apparent suicide spreads around but the most prominent rumor regarding Polpo is the hidden stash he kept outside of the gang’s reach which is now left unattended to with his death. The duo of Zucchero and Sale converse about this exact subject where the former, who was driving the car, bails on his partner to get a head start on tracking Bucellati down after narrowing down someone who Polpo liked enough to entrust in hiding his fortune away.

Back in Naples the rest of Buccellati’s team go about their lunch time. Pannacotta Fugo teaches fellow gang member Narancia Ghirga basic math, Leone Abacchio listens to music, and Guido Mista goes off a on tirade about there being 4 pieces of cake left and how 4 is an unlucky number. Abacchio helps himself to some cake while Fugo brushes off Mista’s complaints before Narancia hands Fugo over a math problem he solved. Fugo quickly stabs a fork in Narancia’s cheek for such a ridiculously stupid answer to the math problem and the two start to fight before Buccellati arrives with Giorno in tow. The new crew don’t seem all to responsive to Giorno’s addition to the group and Buccellati attempts to address this before he’s taken away for a phone call. Abacchio is the one to break the ice and offers Giorno some tea which in actuality the former’s piss. The others are entertained to see Giorno in distress and as Buccellati comes back from his phonecall, he sees Giorno being heckled but he himself states that it is not a problem and downs the tea-cups contents. The other members are shocked at the trick and ask what he did but Buccellati rallies the troupe to head out. It becomes quite evident that the city’s denizens respect Buccellati and he himself is also willingly honor-bound to keep his territory safe, particularly from the drugs that he has little control over.

The crew rents out a boat and heads off to sea where Buccellati announces the news of Polpo’s suicide to his group and that they’ll be heading toward the island of Capri to retrieve Polpo’s leftover fortune with the intent on promoting himself up to Capo status. The crew is ecstatic to hear the news but Narancia is unexpectedly thrown off to the back of the boat and is dragged “under” the ship. Slowly, Mista, and Fugo disappear as well and the remaining trio group up to try and identify what’s going on. Clearly a stand is at work here and Giorno’s quick thinking already made Narancia’s left-behind shoe into a fly to try and locate where the latter is. Giorno makes a decent conclusion to the enemy’s attack pattern and reasons for hiding to conceal a relatively weak combative power. Abacchio doesn’t take kindly to Giorno’s conclusion and brushes it off as being uninformed but Buccellati agrees with Giorno that the only thing need to do now is find out what the enemy stand is capable of, something Abacchio’s Stand could easily help reveal. Abacchio refuses to bring out his stand to someone he doesn’t trust and Giorno quickly decides to stir Abacchio to action and uses himself as bait to egg Abacchio to try and deal with the situation with himself out of the picture, and the ploy works.

Abacchio’s past as a young cop who quickly becomes disillusioned by the hostility met by the people he’s sworn to protect as well as the various ways criminals that were put away were able to return to the streets. Soon enough he started taking bribes, justifying the fact that he was the one getting paid instead of the criminal’s lawyers or the bribed judges. Abacchio’s life falls apart however when a criminal he was bribed by ends up showing up again in a crime scene. Abacchio tries to arrest him but the criminal reminds him that he’ll be disgraced too if he fesses up that Abacchio was accepting bribes. In that brief moment of hesitation, the criminal pulls out his gun but Abacchio’s partner gets in the way of the shot instead. The criminal survives and informs of Abacchio’s crookedness while the latter’s partner perishes, shattering Abacchio’s future and serving as his motivation for involving himself in the gang.

Back on the boat, the remaining duo retreat into the lower cabin after Sticky Finger’s abilities reveals nobody beneath the deck, confirming Giorno’s conclusion that their assailant isn’t merely hiding behind something but has clearly obscured himself. Abacchio unveils his stand, Moody Blues and activates its rather unique ability to “replaying” memories that took place in a given location and the duo sees the stand recreate the last 5 minutes from Narancia’s perspective. The scene fast-fowards on command and they see the enemy stand’s effects where it stabs someone and deflates them like a balloon. The mystery still remains where the others are as Sticky Fingers keeps opening up narrow spaces but finds nobody there. Eventually, Abacchio figures out the mystery but he gets targeted by the enemy stand but the final clue has Buccellati clue in on what it means and he begins to sink the boat. Apparently, Zucchero’s Soft Machine was able to compress a whole ‘nother boat inside the mast of Bucellati’s boat and that’s where he was attacking from. Zucchero’s boat sinks and he threatens to kill Abacchio unless Bucellati spilled the beans but the former doesn’t flinch but vows to kill Zucchero should he try and kill his friend. Zucchero makes the first move but Bucellati’s speed is far superior and he uses Sticky Fingers to extend his punching range, incapacitating the assailant.

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