Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 4: Technically the story could have ended here

Well I almost called it with how they were going to show off Buccellati’s crew but they only lasted a couple second in stills.

Anyway, I’m just happy Polpo is done and dealt with and now we can get onto the real meat of the story. There a bit too many far-away blank faces that I’m not particularly fond of but with animation of this quality, I can’t complain yet because Black Sabbath is hardly a demanding fight to begin with. The sequencing of the final scene was a bit different but nothing to complain about. It would be an understatement to say that I’m really excited for next week for the beginning of Soft Machine.

Anyways, yeah, I’ve forgotten how Requiem stands work but I wonder why that arrow pierce didn’t affect Giorno at all.

Polpo’s Stand, Black Sabbath, attacks Giorno and why he himself is able to avoid being grabbed, his shadow is caught and Gold Experience is dragged out. Black Sabbath once again preaches its thing about “two paths” and the Stand arrow is produced from its mouth and Giorno uses GE to try and stop the arrow from piercing his stand directly but finds that his stands are being injured as the arrow is cutting through GE’s hands. Giorno resolves himself despite Black Sabbath’s strength and is able to trip up the enemy stand and deliver a punch barrage. As Giorno is expecting Black Sabbath to go out of control thanks to GE’s ability, its fall pushes over a bucket of water and the stand disappears in the falling wave of water. Giorno tries to deduce his opponent’s ability and location but Black Sabbath once again creeps up from an unexpected angle and grabs a hold of GE by the neck and the arrow begins to pierce through. Suddenly, Black Sabbath lets go as the top of the stairs is illuminated by the evening sun and Giorno falls off the stairs from this sudden release. Black Sabbath then begins to wander around and Giorno takes this momentary peace and finally learns of Black Sabbath’s method of moving is by shadows.

Before Giorno can think of an appropriate countermeasure of dealing with Black Sabbath in time before the sun sets, Koichi asks what the hell Giorno is up to and gets up in his business accusing him of harming the janitor which he saw from the window. Giorno warns Koichi about the shadows after hearing Koichi witnessed the lighter being re-lit. Sure enough, Black Sabbath strikes Koichi and Echoes and Giorno is able to save them both by attacking the stair’s handrails and letting the sunlit hit the enemy stand. Koichi identifies the problematic Stand Arrow and interrogates Giorno while also still accusing him of being untrustworthy. Giorno comes clean about his actions causing the old man to be caught up in his actions and he feels disgusted towards himself yet he must forge onward towards his dream that he knows to be just. Koichi sees something in Giorno’s eyes and cooperates, recounting the effects of the arrow when he was its target two years prior and the two conspire to try and draw out Black Sabbath into the sunlight before it’s too late.

As they move out of the school plaza, the shadow of the birds carries Black Sabbath to attack Giorno once again and Koichi’s Echoes applies its weight effect onto Black Sabbath’s hand to try and force it to release Giorno’s leg. However, the unrelenting pursuer doesn’t loosen its grip and Giorno’s leg continues to be crushed. As Koichi tries to release his ability, Giorno finds it crucial that the effects go on for a bit longer as he was able to use the crack in the ground to apply GE’s ability onto a nearby tree, accelerating its life and causing it to wither which allows the sunlight to assault Black Sabbath. Now fully vulnerable, Giorno unleashes another onslaught of punches to dispel the Stand. With the battle won, Koichi heads to the pay phone to inform Jotaro of the news but Giorno cuts him off and pleads for Koichi to keep these events a secret, as news would spread and infiltrating the gang would only become tougher. The next day, Giorno returns to Polpo who rewards him with Passione’s badge as well as some further words about truth and making sure to not insult the trust between the gang members. Giorno promptly leaves and rejoins with Buccellati who brings Giorno to a restaurant to introduce his team. All the while, Polpo feasts away and peels a banana but doesn’t realize Giorno had used GE to turn a gun into a banana and Polpo unexpectedly shoots himself, destroying Black Sabbath’s arrow.

3 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 4: Technically the story could have ended here”

  1. I heard somewhere that the requiem arrow is unique to other arrows, having a beetle design on the arrow head, being the only arrow that can elevate a regular stand to requiem. That would explain why his stand was unaffected by Black Sabbath’s arrow.

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