Music of the Week #365

It keeps happening

Yet again, an event in BnHA I think will take up more of the episode’s focus ends up relegating said event to the episode after. Somehow, just somehow these bi-weekly schedules just write themselves up. I’d talk about the recent events of how someone got a hold of Trails of Cold Steel 4 early and how I sat through someone stream chunks of the game but we’ll save that rather depressing discussion when we get to it.

This week’s theme is ironically related to the very statement above regarding the fate of the Cold Steel saga as the beginning workings and allusion to where the series would lead to when it reached Erebonia’s saga starts here. Within the many doors in the Phantasma, one of them features the Erebonian side of things and the introduction of a very crucial character in the series, Giliath Osborne and the fancy scene where one of our cast members throws down the proverbial glove to oppose him in one of the trilogy’s standout character moments.