Music of the Week #364

Hurry it up

Classes resuming is only going to make me busier as the weeks go by but hey, October is almost around the corner. BnHA’s double feature came out relatively fast because I was admittedly looking forward to this particular episode if you couldn’t already tell.

This week’s theme is reminiscent of an earlier theme but given its context in the actual game, it’s tone is completely different. The tend of themes for the past couple weeks have been very “introspective” and if I failed to mention this any time before, I should have clarified this point then. Unlike the other 2 games, 3rd replaces the world traveling with dungeon crawling and a good chunk of the side-content involving other characters involve entering these “doors” that give you a glimpse into their lives, be it before or after the events of the primary games. One such character’s past is elucidated upon that was rather, “noticeably different” than the others.