Boku no Hero Academia Episode 60&61- The Fight we’ve waited for

It finally happened.

From the onset of the series, Deku and Bakugo’s relationship has been a point of contention that many people hated the one-sidedness of its dynamic and this is something that even I wondered how to approach as even after all they’ve been through, the two never never had a heart to heart. Imagine my reaction when this internal fever pitch reached its edge and the two just had to duke it out but thankfully without too much lethal intent.

And look at the ending too, we’re getting those three to show up. How far are we going to go with this season I wonder.

The results for the provisional exam are reported and a majority of the members of Class 1A are beaming through their accomplishments but the surprise comes when the two most prolific students, Bakugo and Todoroki find that their names are not posted up on the screen. Yoarashi also finds himself exempt from the successful students and comes up to Todoroki to apologize for his behavior in holding each other back. Todoroki himself apologizes and says that Yoarashi’s words have helped him realize that he still has a long way to go himself. Some reassuring words come from the proctor who announces that the current climate for the hero career path is in desperate need for more young heroes and those who have not passed today will be given another chance after some remedial courses.

While the kids who passed rejoice in their accomplishments and share words of encouragement to those who haven’t, Camie from Shiketsu disappears and it is revealed Toga was taking her place the entire time and that she was able to get some of Deku’s blood in their brief fight. All Might visits AfO in jail where AfO continues to taunt All Might for what grander effects have taken place due to his incarceration as well as All Might’s retirement.

The climax comes with Bakugo demanding Deku to follow him outside into one of the school’s testing areas and Deku is horrified to learn that Bakugo has been putting the pieces together and has more or less figured out that Deku and All Might definitely have something going on and the night where All Might defeated AfO had Deku being the only one to react differently to his words. Bakugo challenges Deku to a fight and while reluctant at first, Bakugo’s cries of responsibility on how he blames himself for letting All Might retire due to his kidnapping has Deku realize that the time is now for them to settle their score, but in this case, tell each other how they feel since the last 10 years of their rocky “friendship”. Bakugo constantly saw Deku’s clinginess and admiration as insulting and condescending while Deku only thought of admiration and wanting to prove himself to stand on equal ground with Bakugo. As their fight becomes notified to Aizawa, All Might is there to stop him and wants the two to let it all out. Deku tries out his new combat stance against Bakugo and gets serious to accept Bakugo’s feelings and the two seriously fight it out as they’ve innately been wanting to. Deku’s speed becomes his prime weapon but Bakugo’s clear experience with fighting has him ultimately come out on top and All Might intervenes and apologizes to Bakugo for decieving him and now the circle of the people privy to All Might’s condition has one new member. Aizawa still punishes the two at the end of the day puts them under house arrest for a few days, and Deku finally gets some advice on how to fight from Bakugo himself.

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