Music of the Week #362


A bit late on this because things are starting to get busy. Last Saturday was also pretty busy for me but I had that BnHA episode waiting to be talked about for almost three weeks and if all goes well with this week’s episode, I think I can keep it on a singular recap episode. Aside from that, not much else to say other than the Fall season is approaching and I for one, am very excited.

This week’s creepy and unsettling theme plays during one of the pivotal moments that takes place around the middle of 3rd’s story. 3rd is my 2nd favorite entry in the whole Kiseki saga and Kevin is one of the primary reasons as to why I love 3rd so much. His involvement in the plot and its events shape up an admittedly cliche character arc but the execution in which it is presented was very well done. This point of favor rings hilariously ironic when the next saga basically features the same arc but done way worse.

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