Music of the Week #361

Let’s go

BnHA’s episode 58 turned out to be some filler that was separate from the current arc so my initial plan to double-up failed spectacularly in my face. Thing will go back to the “norm” once this week’s episode drops. On another note, I’ve actually been able to watch the series I planned on watching with Hataraku Saibou and Grand Blue. Still, can’t say I really thought critically of watching those two comedies so I’m still on the fence on talking about them at the end of the season. At least I finally watched something I said I would.

This week’s theme plays during one of the revisits to Trails in the Sky’s larger setpieces, to my memory at least. While it plays in a few other places as well, the tune’s a bit more energetic and less grim than the location’s first appearance in the series. The rooms in it are certainly annoying to traverse though.