Music of the Week #360

One more

A bit late but that what else is new. BnHA write-ups made me realize that there’s not much to really talk about per episode given this arc’s extremely focused and easy message of conveying the hardships of becoming a hero and all. Maybe it’s better to actually cover two episodes at a time for this occasion. I will admit right now, I barely remember this arc as much as the others if it wasn’t obvious and Shishikura was the only one I remember from this because of that weird ability of his.

This week’s theme is Illusory Blue Flowers, a tune that plays here and there between the different portions of the Phantasma. If my memory serves correctly, it’s the tune that plays during the first time the player needs to split their parties between Kevin’s and Ries’ team where they travel across two bridges to make it out the other side. It also reminds me of an annoying as hell enemy that petrified with each hit, fuck those things.

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