Music of the Week #357

What a ride

As to what specifically the “ride” is, I’ll explain much later because it is weekly music related. As already exemplified, the weekly BnHA coverage will at least go for another double deal for this week’s episode since I’ll be on actual vacation this weekend. Like I said before as well, comedies seem to be my target for viewing this season but covering comedies and explaining jokes is something I can’t do so we’ll just have to wait til the end of the season for any real discussion. At least Jojo comes back in the Fall.

This week’s theme is one of the number of emotional tracks in 3rd, which is understandable because the story explores a lot of the moments, big and small, for the characters that definitely elicit emotions. While the story in FC and SC had it moments, 3rd really brought everything together in more ways than one. I’d bother talking about them but I really want to avoid spoilers so everyone can enjoy the series if I can somehow influence any reader to try them out.