Boku no Hero Academia Episode 53&54- The Not-Chunin Exams

I know that the popular comparison to BnHA’s Chunin Exams would be the sports festival in the early-game-multi-character-development arc but circumstance wise, the Provisional License exams definitely fit the bill a lot more since it involves moving up in the hero society compared to the free self-promotion the Sports Festival was.

Deku explains the culmination of his thought process behind his new fighting style that incorporated lessons from Iida and the proper armaments from Hatsume’s workshop to provide stabilizers for his arms and extra weights to his legs for more power. Moving past his newfound potential, everyone joins together in being completely nervous for their provisional license exams as Vlad and Aizawa give them the importance of this venture and for their careers. On the day of, UA meet some of the other schools gathering to compete for their license and run into another prolific school’s students, Shiketsu High and one of their eccentric first years, Yoarashi Inasa, who had been able to easily place himself into UA but decided to attend his current academy. Aside from the scary thought that someone of Todoroki’s level was at another school, Aizawa’s former colleague in his agency shows up and introduces her school’s class and the rather ordinary looking bunch are star-struck by meeting the UA kids.

1540 kids are gathered in the facility and the hard facts that laid bare, only 10 of them would move on to receive their licenses due to the societal strain on the hero career at large thanks to Stain. The exam’s rules are explained with how 3 target beacons are given to each student and their job is to tag other students’ beacons while keeping theirs untouched. As the UA kids step out into the Free For All arena, students like Todoroki distances himself from his allies as to not catch them in the crossfire while the rest band together as they realize that the other schools kids are coming to get them. As the other schools try to pile up their skills to try and eliminate Class 1A, their abilities are able to repel most of their opposition but one of the kids levels the ground beneath them and separates them all.

On the opposite end, 120 students are eliminated as Yoarashi single-handedly utilizes his powerful wind abilities to take all the target-balls used to eliminate others and sends a storm down on them. Deku hears the stunning announcement that one student has already passed and he is taken by surprise by another Shiketsu student who is able to tag one of his beacons. Utsushimi engages Deku in combat and he barely manages to keep her off of him against her illusory abilities. Deku is joined by Uraraka as Utsushimi disappears and the other schools’ kids surround him again and he takes Urakaka and runs off. As they hide in cover, Uraraka tries to tag one of Deku’s beacons and he stops her without hesitation or hostility and he realizes that Uraraka isn’t who she really is and Utsushimi reveals herself to be in a disguise. Deku is helped out of his predicament with the real Uraraka and Sero who regroup with him. Elsewhere, Todoroki engages some colorful ninjas straight out of old school Mortal Kombat.

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