Music of the Week #356

A bit better

I’ve evidently been distracted over the weekend with playing games and catching up on sleep to write up the recap for the BnHA episode. Another reason is that the Provisional Exam arc up until we get to the latter half with Overhaul is something I mostly glossed over because of how similar it was to the sports festival arc. I’ll definitely find the time to do it but at this point, I might end up lazing off to make it a two-week thing but it won’t be consistent. I’m mostly just tired is all from the extra work.

This week’s theme, in contrast to my rather lethargic attitude on writing up BnHA, is the regular battle theme for 3rd, Determination of Fight. While I don’t have as much nostalgic love for this compared to Sophisticated Fight, it’s certainly way better than Strepitoso Fight from SC. This fight definitely fits the odd and otherworldly nature of the Phantasma where you fight some really weird looking enemies that overtly look out of place with the enemies from the previous two entries.

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