Music of the Week #355


The new season is fully under way and I don’t think I’ll be watching much aside from BnHA again, although I probably will make more of an effort to check out the new shows like Grand Blue, a comedy series I’ve been hearing my friend enjoy for the past couple years. Although, my policy with “covering” comedies will probably prevent me from doing weekly recaps. We’ll see what happens.

This week’s theme is the Jade Corridor, the theme of the outer, non-safe areas of the Phantasma past the Hermit’s Garden. While you wouldn’t be wrong to think that this area would be the new over-world theme, the Phantasma for better or for worse has a lot more “overworld” areas than just one so the Jade Corridor is not something you’ll be listening to for too long in the game, although it’s not a theme I’d mind hearing more.

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