Boku no Hero Academia Episode 51&52- A Fresh New Goal

Well it took a couple weeks but we’re back with more BnHA. I’m guessing they will conclude this season up until they reach Nighteye and Mirio and lord knows how long Season 4 till take but it isn’t too far off to think a single cour for the Internship Arc can take place with Chisaki and all that.

But man, I am not feeling that new opening too much. Wonder how long it’ll take me to come around to it. Even the ending’s animations look a bit jank. Not much to cover in this episode and to be honest, I think I glossed over the early bits of this arc but if I remember correctly, there should be another scene that I’m looking forward to happen before the season ends.

Long story short, Episode 51 was just the kids moving into their new dorms together and having a room competition to break the ice after they all had a moment of doubt in whether or not acting on their own to save Bakugo was a smart decision or not. Episode 52 returns to the classroom where the kids are instructed to continue their intensive training sessions from before the villain attack in the mountains and develop their ultimate techniques. Looking further ahead, Aizawa goes into detail about obtaining their provisional hero license to go further beyond what they had worked as just interns.

The main problem comes with Deku who is still only touching the basics of his ability with Full Cowl and being limited by being careful with his arms, lest he risk permanently damaging his nerves. All Might passes on some words of advice, stating that Deku is thinking within the box of trying to become the next All Might and he should develop his own techniques for fighting. Deku tries to rectify this situation by consulting the support department for a gadget to help alleviate his issues. We’re reintroduced to Mei Hatsume again and her eccentric passion for tinkering and she goes on her spree of showcasing her creations until Deku arrives at a revelation as he listens to Mei try and outfit Iida with gadgets.

The next day, as the kids continue to train, All Might shows up again to see how everyone is doing. Bakugo once again advances his powers to make more destructive bursts of power but his targeting dummy breaks apart and falls toward All Might. Deku leaps in and unveils his breakthrough, switching his simplistic punching combat style with acrobatic kicks after getting help from Iida.

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