Music of the Week #354

Go go go

Attempting to be on this week and I sure hope I follow through with writing this entire thing before I end up playing games all night and forgetting about it. The new season is starting up and, of course, the week I decide to bundle up BnHA’s episodes is when the series takes a week break so I’m just sitting here with nothing to cover as of yet. At least it looks like we’ll be going for a two cour of BnHA so I’ll have something to continue covering at the very least.

This week’s theme is the safe hub within the Phantasma known as the Hermit’s Garden. While empty in the beginning stages of the game, the area becomes populated by the non-active party members you are able to recruit as the game progresses. Considering how this is the last game in the Sky trilogy, an enormous cast of 12 characters who all have different dialogue almost every other sequence in the game’s progression and different interactions with who or who is not in the active party. The garden also has a bunch of other interactive elements such as a periodic healing font and library with all of the previous game’s book collections being available to read. It’s definitely one of my favorites and the pure density of dialogue branches had me forget trying to do all the combinations before the finale.

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