Music of the Week #353


All the free time I had went into celebrating a holiday so aside from the new season starting up, there’s not much else to go by at the moment. BnHA’s episode was mostly filler so I deliberately skipped out on covering last week’s episode since there wasn’t much to cover but it looks like the Provisional License exams will be covered but I have an inkling feeling that the start of the Internship Arc might occur before the 3rd season is finished. Seeing as how the gap between the manga and anime is shortened nearly every passing week, I doubt we’ll see a Season 4 anytime soon. Megalo Box will be finished hopefully by the end of the week. In the day I was late by, Jojo Part 5’s seiyuus were announced and I’m sad the ones from all those commercials aren’t coming back, here’s hoping for the best.

This week’s theme is the Recluse Cube, the name of the device that brings Kevin and Ries into the Phantasma. I honestly forget when this tune plays but it’s the theme that plays during the transition time from booting up the game and to the main menu.