Boku no Hero Academia Episode 53&54- The Not-Chunin Exams

I know that the popular comparison to BnHA’s Chunin Exams would be the sports festival in the early-game-multi-character-development arc but circumstance wise, the Provisional License exams definitely fit the bill a lot more since it involves moving up in the hero society compared to the free self-promotion the Sports Festival was.

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Music of the Week #356

A bit better

I’ve evidently been distracted over the weekend with playing games and catching up on sleep to write up the recap for the BnHA episode. Another reason is that the Provisional Exam arc up until we get to the latter half with Overhaul is something I mostly glossed over because of how similar it was to the sports festival arc. I’ll definitely find the time to do it but at this point, I might end up lazing off to make it a two-week thing but it won’t be consistent. I’m mostly just tired is all from the extra work.

This week’s theme, in contrast to my rather lethargic attitude on writing up BnHA, is the regular battle theme for 3rd, Determination of Fight. While I don’t have as much nostalgic love for this compared to Sophisticated Fight, it’s certainly way better than Strepitoso Fight from SC. This fight definitely fits the odd and otherworldly nature of the Phantasma where you fight some really weird looking enemies that overtly look out of place with the enemies from the previous two entries.

Music of the Week #355


The new season is fully under way and I don’t think I’ll be watching much aside from BnHA again, although I probably will make more of an effort to check out the new shows like Grand Blue, a comedy series I’ve been hearing my friend enjoy for the past couple years. Although, my policy with “covering” comedies will probably prevent me from doing weekly recaps. We’ll see what happens.

This week’s theme is the Jade Corridor, the theme of the outer, non-safe areas of the Phantasma past the Hermit’s Garden. While you wouldn’t be wrong to think that this area would be the new over-world theme, the Phantasma for better or for worse has a lot more “overworld” areas than just one so the Jade Corridor is not something you’ll be listening to for too long in the game, although it’s not a theme I’d mind hearing more.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 51&52- A Fresh New Goal

Well it took a couple weeks but we’re back with more BnHA. I’m guessing they will conclude this season up until they reach Nighteye and Mirio and lord knows how long Season 4 till take but it isn’t too far off to think a single cour for the Internship Arc can take place with Chisaki and all that.

But man, I am not feeling that new opening too much. Wonder how long it’ll take me to come around to it. Even the ending’s animations look a bit jank. Not much to cover in this episode and to be honest, I think I glossed over the early bits of this arc but if I remember correctly, there should be another scene that I’m looking forward to happen before the season ends.

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Music of the Week #354

Go go go

Attempting to be on this week and I sure hope I follow through with writing this entire thing before I end up playing games all night and forgetting about it. The new season is starting up and, of course, the week I decide to bundle up BnHA’s episodes is when the series takes a week break so I’m just sitting here with nothing to cover as of yet. At least it looks like we’ll be going for a two cour of BnHA so I’ll have something to continue covering at the very least.

This week’s theme is the safe hub within the Phantasma known as the Hermit’s Garden. While empty in the beginning stages of the game, the area becomes populated by the non-active party members you are able to recruit as the game progresses. Considering how this is the last game in the Sky trilogy, an enormous cast of 12 characters who all have different dialogue almost every other sequence in the game’s progression and different interactions with who or who is not in the active party. The garden also has a bunch of other interactive elements such as a periodic healing font and library with all of the previous game’s book collections being available to read. It’s definitely one of my favorites and the pure density of dialogue branches had me forget trying to do all the combinations before the finale.

Megalo Box- The Thirst for Victory

The season’s “sleeper hit” comes to a close in a way that most didn’t expect.

Megalo Box opened up with an incredible two-episode start that captivated many people’s attention back in the start of the season and that certainly included the likes of me who showed up nearly two weeks late to the series’ start. As a project meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of legendary sports manga, Ashita no Joe, Megalo Box conveys a retelling of the series with its own spin on things. As exciting as its start was, the question remains on how it continued on to its finale. Since I have yet to actually finish Ashita no Joe, but by presence in the anime/manga community alone, I am aware of some things regarding its plot, I will avoid trying to compare it too much and talk about Megalo Box on its own.

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Music of the Week #353


All the free time I had went into celebrating a holiday so aside from the new season starting up, there’s not much else to go by at the moment. BnHA’s episode was mostly filler so I deliberately skipped out on covering last week’s episode since there wasn’t much to cover but it looks like the Provisional License exams will be covered but I have an inkling feeling that the start of the Internship Arc might occur before the 3rd season is finished. Seeing as how the gap between the manga and anime is shortened nearly every passing week, I doubt we’ll see a Season 4 anytime soon. Megalo Box will be finished hopefully by the end of the week. In the day I was late by, Jojo Part 5’s seiyuus were announced and I’m sad the ones from all those commercials aren’t coming back, here’s hoping for the best.

This week’s theme is the Recluse Cube, the name of the device that brings Kevin and Ries into the Phantasma. I honestly forget when this tune plays but it’s the theme that plays during the transition time from booting up the game and to the main menu.