Music of the Week #352

Let’s be early

I keep saying I’ll watch Woktaku these days but my plate has been pretty full keeping up my new life schedule. Maybe it’ll be revisited sometime in the future when I’m in desperate need of romcoms to watch. I think my romcom senses have calmed down after dabbling in some VNs recently so I guess I’m not exactly in the mood for those.

This week’s theme is one of the many themes that play in TitS the 3rd’s overworld, the Phantasma. Whereas the previous two entries of the series had you walk around the country of Liberl, the Phantasma is a lot smaller and feels more dungeon like than the open RPG style of the previous games. Finding out why Kevin and co. were brought into the Phantasma and why it has suddenly formed itself is true plot within the 3rd.