Boku no Hero Academia Episode 50- Cooldown

Will it end by the Provisional Exam arc or maybe even the Internship Arc? I believe I mentioned this before but BnHA’s chapter to episode ratio isn’t all that enormous compared to other big manga adaptations. The first big saga has come to a close with AfO’s fights and now it’s more pro hero work with the provisional license exams pitting the students against other schools before the Internship Arc begins and we move onto to the rather lengthy Overhaul storyline featuring Nighteye, Mirio, and the titular Overhaul.

The heads of police run through a meeting of the disastrous effects of All Might’s battle not only for the number 1 hero’s retirement, but the cost of what it means to society as a whole. Analytically, this maneuver by the villains was well calculated as they traded All For One’s incarceration as well as the escape of the remainder of the league for All Might’s powers. While the day was saved, the absence of the Symbol of Peace will assuredly have long lasting effects to society as a whole. All Might admits to his waned powers in the hospital to Tsukauchi and Gran Torino and the latter states that he will be helping the investigation on Shigaraki. Todoroki returns home after the debacle and finds his father sitting on the floor of his personal workout room, with all the equipment torched with flame. Deku himself returns home and goes to sleep before he wakes up a couple hours later into the night where he receives a text message. Deku rushes out before dinner is prepared and meets All Might by the beach side he helped clear. The pair is reunited but All Might decks Deku in the face and scolds him for his recklessness. However, he also praises him for being able to finally utilize is powers without crippling himself and a tearful Deku is clearly told by his hero that his time as a hero is over.

Aizawa and All Might go around the city the next day to appeal to the class’s parents to let their students attend UA once more. The first stop is at Jirou’s house but the decision apparently was already made when All Might’s fight and victory was televised. Bakugo’s home is next and the decisionw was an immediate yes from his parents as Bakugo’s temperamental mother had her faith already restored during UA’s press conference when Aizawa’s insight on Bakugo’s integrity was something she never thought anyone else would pick up on. As Aizawa and All Might leave their home, Bakugo follows them outside and asks All Might what Deku is to him and the former is forced to lie that Deku is just another student and a budding wellspring of talent like Bakugo is.

All Might goes to Deku’s home alone and has a conversation with Deku and his mother who are extremely nervous about having someone as famous as him in their home. Deku’s mother makes it clear however that despite Deku’s admiration for All Might, UA’s track record has forced her son to perform dangerous feats of strength using his quirk. Having such little faith to really trust in UA anymore, Deku’s mother declares that she would instead have Deku attend another school to cultivate his potential. All Might is silent about this as Deku leaves the room in a hurry but he and Deku’s mother is surprised when Deku didn’t run off in frustration but to get something and shows them the letter he received from Kouta and how much it uplifted his spirits and help him focus his intention of becoming a hero no matter what. All Might is further inspired and enters his muscled form to get on his knees and beg Deku’s mother to allow him to continue teaching Deku for the sake of his future and that he would gladly give his life it that were the cost of Deku’s education. Deku’s mother states that he won’t need to die for her son’s sake but the two make a promise that All Might will keep him safe.

Elsewhere, AfO is wheeled off into his maximum security cell but muses to himself how that while he has lost, All Might made the wrong decision. All Might had the perfect chance to die and leave Deku to grow stronger and learn to become a hero much more intensely without the mentor he has relied on to help him. AfO is out of Tomura’s reach but he has left him with lessons to conduct himself with by obtaining more allies and constantly learning with a newly fashioned, goal oriented mindset to bring down hero society as a whole. All Might’s age has physically ended while AfO’s influence will uplift Tomura into a greater villain and leader.

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