Megalo Box- Episode 12: Leveling the Playing Field

Yuri makes a request to change the finale.

The last calm before the inevitable storm of a finale that will most likely end up going the same way Ashita no Joe does. A pretty heartfelt episode that brings together some of the characters before the final fight goes underway. Hopefully they saved all they could to make the finale as amazing as they could possibly have it.

Yukiko signs a contract with the military in hopes of revolutionizing and sharing her company’s technological advancements through gear technology and bids Yuri to celebrate with some drinks. Yuri’s victory will bring a punctual conclusion to the deal and while Yuri congratulates her accomplishments, he states that he desires to remove his integrated gear to fight Joe on an equal grounds. Yukiko is obviously very opposed to this idea that will jeopardize her dream and the company’s future but Yuri refuses to relent. Even when Yukiko threatens to cancel the finals, Yuri is adamant that his fight with Joe must be in Megalonia’s ring and leaves the office as he says that he won’t be sharing in Yukiko’s dream any longer. Joe continues his training but as Sacchio tells him to cool off a bit, Nanbu shows up with a surprise and Aragaki along with his coach show up to help Joe train for the big day. Joe and Aragaki gave a quippy exchange before admitting how they wanted to knock each other out on their day of their fight. Nanbu thanks Aragaki’s coach for helping them out and the latter instead thanks them, saying how Aragaki’s mood lit up when they were called to help Joe out. Joe’s training resumes and Nanbu is still able to make good calls during training even without his sight.

We join Yuri driving through the woods and arriving at a lob cabin where he’s greeted by Mikio. Apparently after his loss, Mikio decided to distance himself from society for a bit to relax and Yuri requested help from him to safely remove his integrated gear. The two head down to the basement and Mikio shows that he’s got the bare minimum tools to complete the task but Yuri is unfazed and trusts Mikio’s ability to remove his gear without too much damage. Hours later, Yukiko tracks Mikio down to his cabin in the woods where she finds Yuri stable after his surgery. Mikio is however worried about the effects after he wakes up. The scenes switches to Joe training some more and Nanbu recounting the time he first met Joe in another fighting ring before offering him a better chance to make money. Yukiko returns to her company and does a background check on Joe and is appalled on why men would go so far just to fight each other. Despite knowing of Joe’s actual background, Yukiko states she will think over this revelation

Back in the cabin, the awakened Yuri screams in sheer pain and agony over his procedure but also told Mikio to not only padlock the door out of the basement but also not inject him with a painkiller. Yukiko arrives and is clearly worried as Mikio explains that Yuri has been screaming for a couple of days now. Yukiko enters the basement after Yuri has passed out and assures him that she can end his suffering and just reattach his gear to him but Yuri is just barely able to mutter that he was told in his youth that when he meets someone who he thinks who’ll give him the fight of his life to not let the man out of his sight, and Yuri intends to do so. Yukiko leaves and then returns Joe’s ID to him and reveals that Yuri has taken his gear off just to fight Joe and the latter is absolutely ecstatic to hear it. As the relevant parties all await the fateful fight, Joe trains even harder and Yuri himself gets his feet back on the ground and begins training himself.

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