Music of the Week #350


DMC5 is announced and all I really care about that fact is that I can actually say that it’s real and it’s happening. I might have some issues with Neros new hairstyle and his odd new business partner but I finally have another game to look forward to again. Really not much else to go on from here, I mostly slept through E3 and only know that there’s like 3 big samurai games from companies I’m familiar with as well as Smash bringing everyone back.

We conclude the music spotlight for Trails in the Sky SC this week with its end credits theme, I Swear. While it’s not my favorite end-theme in the series, it’s quite a nice and uplifting way to send off the story of Estelle and Joshua as they continue their adventure while the rest of the enormous cast part ways to fulfill their own dreams. For the people who played Trails of Cold Steel, this is the song that the class sings during the school festival which is odd seeing as though the motif of Sky is the one popular song there instead of well, this.

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